Internal documents from breathalyzer company Lifesaver dumped online

The company makes ignition interlock breathalyzers that are mandated by courts as a condition of driving after DUI convictions.

Breathalyzers are part of the law-enforcement-tech circle of badness, sporting shockingly poor source-code that defendants aren't permitted to examine after they've been convicted on the device's say-so.

The person who dumped the data to a darknet site goes by ROR[RG], and it appears they may have been working an extortion ripoff (the dump includes the text "pay up or get fucked!" The dump came in two pieces, on Jan 7 and 9, and includes company spreadsheets, technical documentation, sourcecode, and schematics.

One assembly manual, dated 2011, describes the "FC100," just one of LifeSafer's various devices, with another dense document laying out how to add "hardware improvements" to it. According to the company's website, the FC100 is "the most widely used interlock device in the U.S."

One schematic is for the "Miniature Camera Board" of the "LifeSafer Interlock." The document is marked as "CONFIDENTIAL." Dozens of these sort of schematics as well as circuit board diagrams are included in the dump, laying out the behind the scenes mechanics of LifeSafer's products. Some of the files go back as far as 2006, with one disclaiming that "Unauthorized use, possession or duplication will result in Severe [sic] civil and criminal penalties."

On top of this, several folders contain files that appear to be proprietary source code for various devices. One section of the dump, labeled as "FC100_Camera_Reference_Material," includes supposed boot loaders and other code for the device.

Car Breathalyzer Maker Gets Hacked, Internal Docs Dumped on Dark Web
[Joseph Cox/Motherboard]