Eero makes extending WiFi range easy, but at a hefty price

My home was built in 1927, and its Spanish plaster walls have deflected every attempt I've made at setting up a dead-zone free Wi-Fi network.   I've tried range extenders, moving large items around and I've even had my service provider attempt to tweak my setup.  When I first saw the eero Wi-Fi System, I was enticed by their promise of a quick setup and no dead-zones.   


Wi-Fi waves are just radio waves, and the farther you get from the access point, the weaker they become. There's no way for one router to get a signal through the walls, furniture and household appliances to every part of your home which is why I need a multi device setup.

I contacted eero inc. and spoke directly with CEO, Nick Weaver and what he said was obvious and true:

"We keep adding more connected devices to our networks and streaming more content — WiFi is now a core utility for our homes and yet we still don't have fast, reliable WiFi in every room."

Nick told me about his passion for building something that will change the world and I was sold. I've been using the system for about 2 weeks and I can tell you that the setup was simple and I can now manage the network from my phone.  As I added more eeros to my network, they automatically connected with each other to create a mesh network.


My home is about 1400 square feet upstairs and 1200 downstairs and though my package has 3 eero devices, I really would have been fine with 2. There are absolutely no dead-zones in my house and as a matter of fact, I now get a full wireless signal in both my front and back yards.



  • Quick setup
  • No drop-zones
  • Can monitor your network status from anywhere


  • A bit pricey at $349.00 for a 2-pack and $499.00 for the 3-pack


But when you consider the price for new wireless equipment to set up your home the eero makes perfect sense because the cost difference is marginal.

LinkSys router – $150.00

LinkSys modem – $80.00

LinkSys extender – $100.00


To me, it all comes down to coverage. If your situation is similar to the frustrating one I described earlier or if you have to purchase a new system anyway, the eero is a no-brainer and should be on your Christmas list.