Nevertheless, She Persisted:'s Women's Day flash fiction sf anthology

Celebrate International Women's Day in stfnal style with Nevertheless She Persisted, a free anthology of original flash fiction by some of science fiction's leading women voices, from Catherynne M. Valente to Amal El-Mohtar to Jo Walton to Nisi Shawl to Charlie Jane Anders to Seanan McGuire to Alyssa Wong to Kameron Hurley — and more!

Here's a taste of Jo Walton's contribution, The Jump Rope Rhyme:

"She was warned
She was given an explanation
Nevertheless, she persisted.

She persisted once. She persisted twice. She persisted three times…."

On planets all over the universe
Kids jump their ropes to this counting verse
Some think it's Leia or Éowyn:
Women fight monsters and really win.
But you google one day in that distant time
To find the roots of the ancient rhyme
And the AIs link you to the history
So you read about the fight to keep us free.

Nevertheless She Persisted []