Fixing the common mistakes most beginner cooks make

My daughter likes to joke that, in our house, if the smoke alarm is going off mom (me) is trying to cook. Guilty as charged! I'm a great baker but a terrible cook.

So, when I saw the title of this Brothers Green Eats video, "15 Mistakes Most Beginner Cooks Make," I stopped in my tracks and watched it. It was all news to me, so I'm sharing in case these tips are helpful to you too.

One commenter listed all 15 cooking fixes:

1. Dry meat off before cooking

2. Make meat even thickness

3. Let seasoned meat sit for at least 10 minutes

4. Controlling heat of pan

5. Enough oil in the pan

6. Preheat pan before adding oil

7. Pull meat early

8. Let meat sit and don't waste juice

9. Prep your veggies and aromatics

10. Create a plan of attack

11. Don't overcook veggies

12. Let your food chill (don't over stir)

13. Season your food

14. Make that shit look nice

15. Practice and you will get better

There are other great tips, watch the entire video.