Bikini Kill, Circle Jerks to headline Burger Boogaloo in 2020

Punk AF music festival Burger Boogaloo has announced its initial 2020 lineup:

DAY 1 /////////////////////// DAY 2 ...

BIKINI KILL ///////////////// CIRCLE JERKS



PANTY RAID ////////////// ALICE BAG

CARBONAS /////////////// FEVERS


TWOMPSAX ////////////// and MORE!!!

John Waters is emceeing once again and tickets are available now.

It all goes down Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12, 2020 at Oakland, California's Mosswood Park. Read the rest

Coffee chain ditching cups in 2020, customers must "rent" or bring their own

Blue Bottle Coffee customers will need to bring their own containers, or put a deposit down on one, to get a beverage at the high-end chain in the new year. In an ambitious zero waste effort, they are removing plastic and paper cups (and bags) from all of their cafes in the United States.

From a statement Monday by its CEO Bryan Meehan (bolding mine):

"...we’re not afraid to admit that we’re part of the problem. We recently woke up to the fact that our beautiful bioplastic cups and straws were not being composted even though they were 100 percent compostable. Too many ended up in landfills, where they couldn’t break down at all. So we switched to paper straws and sugarcane-paper cups. But that’s still not enough. We still go through on average 15,000 disposable single-use cups per cafe per month in the US alone, which adds up to 12 million cups per year. We want to show our guests and the world that we can eliminate disposable cups as we serve our delicious coffee.

We are proud to announce an experiment that may not work, that may cost us money, and that may make your life a little more complicated.

By the end of 2020, all of our US cafes will be zero waste, which according to Zero Waste International Alliance, means at least 90 percent of our waste is diverted from landfill. To help us go even further, we will test our first zero-single-use-cup program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read the rest

Do the "Fruitcake" with Fred Schneider & The Superions

This just now got on my radar, even though it was released way back in 2010. Whatever! You can't put a date on fun. Fred Schneider (of The B-52's, of course!) & the Superions made a kind-of-sexy, but also perfectly kitschy and weird, super low-budget music video for their song "Fruitcake." Yes, it's a song about fruitcake. I won't say another word, just watch it. New holiday favorite born.

screenshot via Fruitcake Read the rest

"America's Funniest Home Videos" podcast looks at its history

Before YouTube, it was a TV show that brought us crazy home movie clips. That show, of course, is America's Funniest Home Videos (or "AFV" for short). On the air since 1989, AFV has seen several hosts and has somehow survived the Internet. Now there's a limited-run podcast that looks at its 30-year history from behind the scenes.

I just learned that my friend Brittany High (previously on BB) has spent the greater part of her year working on this five-part podcast series. For America, This Is You, she's interviewed the show's creator Vin Di Bona, the writers, producers, and all of the hosts, including Bob Saget. She wrote, "Yes, he sassed me. More than once. I loved every minute of it!!!!!"

She's even voiced its promo video:

I'm excited for her and to listen in!

America, This Is You is available now on:

Apple Podcasts: Pandora: Stitcher: Overcast:

Read the rest

Mariah Christmas song mashups: Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, and Queen

The Mariah Carey mashups are coming out of the woodwork this holiday season.

There's this one that combines her chipper hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You" with Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People." Its creator, YouTuber Bill McClintock, calls it "All I Want For Christmas is the Beautiful People":

Then there's YouTuber William Maranci's Radiohead/Mariah mashup. It takes Carey's same Christmas hit and combines it with "Creep," making for "Creep But It's All I Want For Christmas Is You." One commenter describes it aptly, "this feels exactly like dissociating in a jcpenny in December":

Wait! There's one more, called "Don't Stop Christmas Now," and it brings in Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." It came out last year, but I'm going to include it anyway.

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Paul Reubens going on 20-city tour for Pee-wee's Big Adventure's 35th

Pee-wee's Big Adventure 35th Anniversary Tour

The 35th anniversary of Pee-wee's Big Adventure is nigh. So, soon, you'll not only be able to see the 1985 hit film on the big screen, but you'll also get to hear never-before-shared stories about the movie from Pee-wee's creator, Paul Reubens. Yes, please, and thank you! Pee-wee's Big Adventure 35th Anniversary Tour with Paul Reubens is headed to 20 U.S. cities in early 2020.

Pee-wee Herman himself hipped me to this, dude.

Previously: Now you can send shout-outs from Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, to people you know Read the rest

Pachelbel's Canon as performed by train horns

What happens when you get a mash a bunch of train horn recordings together to produce "Pachelbel's Canon"? MAGIC. Sweet, sweet magic, I tell ya! (Hang around long enough and you'll catch a glimpse of Thomas the Tank Engine.)

(Reddit) Read the rest

Deepfake: Back to the (actual) Future

On Back to the Future Day (that's October 21, 2015), a film short premiered at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood that imagined Marty McFly arriving to the future — meaning, October 21, 2015. Back to the 2015 Future reunited several original cast members (but used a Michael J. Fox impersonator) and, in the four years it's been online, has garnered over 3 million views.

Now, YouTuber Pacto Copernico has made a deepfake version of the 15-minute short where Michael J. Fox's face is put on the impersonator's, Tyler Dunivan. There's still a decent amount of uncanny valley but, if you squint, you might be able to suspend your disbelief a little to enjoy this "sequel."

Hurry, Watch all three before they get shut down:

Back to the 2015 Future (not deepfaked):

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"63 Up": doc series following the lives of Brits every seven years since they were 7, returns

In 1964, director Michael Apted started documenting the lives of a group of 7-year-old British kids. Then, for every seven years since, he's returned to interview them as a way to learn "whether or not our adult lives are pre-determined by our earliest influences and the social class in which we are raised." Well, a new film in the Up Series has been made and the "children" are now 63 years old (Apted himself is now 78). 63 Up is making its way through U.S. based Landmark movie theaters now through March. Definitely worth catching!

7 Up

7 Plus Seven Up (aka 14 Up)

21 Up

28 Up

35 Up Not available on YouTube

42 Up (trailer only)

49 Up (trailer only)

screenshot via 63 Up Read the rest

This amazing Godzilla Christmas tree breathes smoke

Crafted from four fake Christmas trees, chicken wire, green mesh, and a fog machine, Treezilla -- a smoke-breathing Godzilla tree -- is really something to behold! Its creator, Steven Newland of New Zealand, recently sold it in auction for $415 NZD (approx. $269.58 USD). A bargain!

It's really something. Watch it in action:

And, apparently, Steven is going to reveal his latest Christmas tree masterpiece soon, according to the questions and answers section of the auction.

We have a xmas revealing party at mid December with mates for this years tree. I don't want to give it away, but we now have a 10month baby so now I have a prop🤣

Color me intrigued.

Related: There's a car horn that roars like Godzilla


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And we've come full circle: Carrying straps for wireless AirPods

Seems people are afraid of losing their AirPods, which you may remember are wireless. Well, a company named Tapper is tapping into their fears by offering $60 AirPod carrying straps. Available at Nordstrom.

Previously: Prankster puts fake AirPod stickers on city streets

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Native English speakers try to guess Japanese words

Language learning brand Busuu took to the streets of London to see if native English speakers could translate the Japanese words thrown at them. They did better than I would have!

Just like the English language has borrowed words from Japanese, like karaoke or sushi, modern Japanese uses a fair amount of vocabulary borrowed from English. These words are called gairaigo.

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Now you can send shout-outs from Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, to people you know

View this post on Instagram

Now you can send a PERSONALIZED message from my good pal PAUL REUBENS...!! Have him wish someone you know a "Happy Birthday!" or "Merry Christmas!" or "Get Well Soon (and stop missing so much work!)!" through @Cameo! Link in bio!

A post shared by Pee-wee Herman (@peeweeherman) on Dec 3, 2019 at 8:51pm PST

How cool is THIS? Paul Reubens (you know... the guy who plays Pee-wee Herman) will send a message to someone you know through a paid service called Cameo. You just fill out a short form that spells out your message request and pay up. Then your recipient will get a personalized video from a real legend. And no, he won't be dressed in a grey plaid suit and red bow-tie.

Cameo is a lot of fun. I bought one of these videos for my brother last year. He loved CHiPs as a kid, so I got Larry Wilcox ("Jon Baker") to wish him a happy birthday. We both laughed a lot over the whole thing and he said it was the best gift ever. No lie.

Preview videos are available ahead of time so you can get a feel for it.

(Pee-wee Herman) Read the rest

Snoop Dogg dropping lullaby album for babies, includes "Gin and Juice"

Stoner icon Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Rockabye Baby! to bring the world baby-friendly instrumental interpretations of his most popular hits, including "Gin and Juice" and "Drop It Like It's Hot." "Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg" drops December 6 but you can listen to it now online.

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Big Bird put through a lie detector test

As a way to promote a movies and other projects, Vanity Fair sometimes puts celebrities through a jokey lie detector test (see: Jennifer Lawrence). The polygraph itself is real but the questions are humorous. This time Big Bird is in the hot seat and he gets grilled on on all sort of things by the interviewer and a few of his Muppet pals. In short, we learn the 8-foot-tall Sesame Street icon cannot lie.

Which Bird is better at basketball? Big Bird or Larry Bird? Does he ever Google himself? Is Oscar the Grouch a good neighbor? Who is Big Bird's best friend? Does Big Bird have it in him to tell a lie?

Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary of helping kids everywhere grow up smarter, stronger and kinder. Sesame Street’s 50th season is currently running on HBO and will premiere on PBS in the summer of 2020.

(The Awesomer)

screengrab via Vanity Fair Read the rest

I chatted with Danny Elfman about his new MasterClass, and his ventriloquist dummy "Buddy"

You may remember I recently blogged about Danny Elfman's new "music for film" MasterClass (which launched on Halloween, naturally). A day or so after it posted I got an email from someone on his team asking if I wanted to interview him. My response, "Uh, who could say no to that...?!" I soon found myself Skyping with the founder of Oingo Boingo, the father of the Simpsons' theme, and one of the most prolific film composers of all time — Happy Mutant extraordinaire, Mr. Danny Elfman.

Here's what we chatted about:

Rusty: Hi there, Danny. I'm thrilled to speak with you today.

Danny: Hello, thank you.

Rusty: I wanted to share a couple of things we have in common real quick before we get into it. One... we're both redheads.

Danny: I was just going to say that. That's got to be the first thing.

Rusty: Right? Well, it's obvious. Two... we both collect strange and unusual objects.

Danny: Ooh...

Rusty: Just saw an article about your strange and unusual collection and they shared a picture of you with your creepy ventriloquist dummy.

Danny: Buddy!

Rusty: Yeah, Buddy! Well, I wanted to tell you, you must know Archie McPhee...

Danny: Yeah.

Rusty: So, a couple of years ago, they made my likeness into a product. I'm a creepy ventriloquist dummy toy, a finger puppet.

Danny: Really...?!

Rusty: Yes.

Danny: Wow... Oh my god, that's so cool. What an honor. You should be honored.

Rusty: Oh I am.

Danny: Wow. Well, you have to go look at my nine episodes of "Danny and Buddy."

Rusty: Oh my gosh, yes, ok. Read the rest

35-year-old Commodore 64 Easter egg revealed on Christian rock album

Way back in 1984, Christian rock band Prodigal hid a Commodore 64 program on their "Electric Eye" album. The 35-year-old Easter egg, which I won't spoil for you, was recently unlocked by YouTuber 8-Bit Show And Tell.

The son of band's lead singer, Dan Boldman, left this fun comment, "Loyd Boldman, the lead singer of Prodigal, was my dad & I thank you so much for doing this! This is the first time I’ve ever actually seen somebody use this program! I’ve been hearing about it since I was a kid!"

(Coudal Partners)

screenshot via 8-Bit Show and Tell Read the rest

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