Youngest person ever given new face in transplant surgery

The September National Geographic cover story follows Katie Stubblefield as she is given the face of 31-year-old donor Adrea Schneider, a woman who died of a cocaine overdose. 21-year-old Katie had been waiting three years for a donor face after a self-inflicted rifle injury and, last year, she became the youngest person ever to get a face transplant. Her procedure took 31 hours to complete and many more operations and months of rehabilitation are still required.

After surviving her suicide attempt, Katie Stubblefield hopes to help people who are struggling. For Americans her age, suicide is the second leading cause of death, and the overall rate increased 28 percent from 1999 to 2016. “Whatever is going on in your life, I would say that it’s only temporary,” Katie says. “And no matter what it is, there’s always someone you can talk to.”

If you think you can stomach the graphic images of the surgery, head over to National Geographic to get the full story. They documented Katie, her family, and her doctors before, during and the year following the surgery: How a Transplanted Face Transformed Katie Stubblefield’s Life.

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Doja Cat gets herself a viral hit with bovine-meme video 'Mooo!'

Doja Cat has declared herself a cow, a hamburger-eating one at that, in her recently-released, now-viral music video titled "Mooo!."

Noisey on the 22-year-old Los Angeles-based pop singer:

The track starts inauspiciously, a chintzy nursery rhyme about cows set to pixel art visuals, but bouncing anime boobs in the background quickly let you know you're in for something different. But Doja Cat's “Mooo!” isn’t your average viral song. It goes hard... “Bitch, I’m too smooooth / I’m not in the mooood / Tryna make moooves,” she says on the hook... “Got milk, bitch? Got beef?” she taunts. This wasn’t an accidental sensation. This girl had bars, and judging by the DIY nature of the video, she understood the formula for virality. The genre-bending producer Sango let the newcomers—myself included—in on a little secret tweeting, “Moo by Doja Cat is just a set up for y’all to listen to her other stuff because she’s actually a great singer and songwriter.” Were we bamboozled?

As it turns out, Doja Cat is indeed more than just a viral video. In March, she released Amala—her real first name—a 13-track compilation of what she considers to be “ice cream truck” music.

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A home for middle-aged men

"Alec is 42 this morning and therefore has nothing further to contribute to society," begins this bit from the 2001 comedy series The Armando Iannucci Shows.

Poor Alec is being transitioned into a home for middle-aged men, a place where past-their-primers are reminded, "Possibility is a private party to which you are no longer invited." Ouch!

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Comedy sketch imagines a sobriety test for stoners

"Once marijuana is legalized in Canada, how will police test for pot impairment?"

CBC Comedy sketch comedy series 22 Minutes humorously imagines what a pot sobriety test might look like, cookie dough and all. Read the rest

Homer Simpson in 3D: Artist Miguel Vasquez imagines what cartoon characters would look like in real life

3D character artist Miguel Vasquez brings fairly innocuous-looking cartoon characters into disturbing 3D "life," like he did with Homer Simpson, here. Read the rest

Playing Korn with corn

This is really corny (Korny?). UK YouTuber Davie504 was challenged to play Korn with corn. Using popcorn as a guitar pick and corn on the cob on the bass and drums, he plays a memorable Korn medley.

If this is your kind of thing, in the past he's played the Red Hot Chili Peppers with, you guessed it, a red hot chili pepper (and also Eminem with M&M's).

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Crows being trained to pick up trash at French park

You can befriend crows and, apparently, also train them to pick up trash by rewarding them with food.

The Guardian:

Six crows trained to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish will be put to work next week at a French historical theme park, according to its president.

“The goal is not just to clear up, because the visitors are generally careful to keep things clean” but also to show that “nature itself can teach us to take care of the environment”, said Nicolas de Villiers of the Puy du Fou park, in the western Vendee region.

Rooks, a member of the crow family of birds that also includes the carrion crow, jackdaw and raven, are considered to be “particularly intelligent” and in the right circumstances “like to communicate with humans and establish a relationship through play”, Villiers said.

The birds will be encouraged to spruce up the park through the use of a small box that delivers a nugget of bird food each time the rook deposits a cigarette end or small piece of rubbish.

Rook at this mess: French park trains crows to pick up litter

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Lynda Barry's 'Writing the Unthinkable' lesson

TIL: the fabulous Lynda Barry teaches at the University of Wisconsin! In this lesson, called "Writing the Unthinkable," she shares a neat method to get started on a new piece. It begins by drawing a tight spiral as a meditation.

"Once I start to draw this spiral, I'm starting to get in the mood to write some kind of story."

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Oil paintings show how people who wear glasses see the world without them

People who have good vision: Ever wonder what it's like to see the world as someone who is nearsighted?

Well, Cape Town-based artist Philip Barlow has imagined this blurry world for you in a series of hyperrealistic oil paintings. See more of his work on his Instagram.

flood II - 100cm x 100cm, oil on canvas. Will be part of @solostudiosrk in Riebeek Kasteel on the 11th August 2017, courtesy of @everard_read_cape_town_

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Jul 22, 2017 at 12:30am PDT

deluge - 150cm x 285cm, oil on linen @everard_read_cape_town_ #oilonlinen #michaelharding

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Oct 8, 2017 at 12:38pm PDT

st james - 1.2m x1.2m, oil on canvas. Available from @everard_read_cape_town_ #contemporaryart #oiloncanvas #piccadilly #london #stjames @london

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Jun 20, 2018 at 7:36am PDT

‘vagues de neige’ - 1.2m x 1.2m, oil on canvas. One of the last seascapes for my London exhibition with @everard_read_london

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Apr 21, 2018 at 4:32am PDT

haymarket - 1m x 1m, oil on canvas. Available from @everard_read_cape_town_ #contemporaryart #oiloncanvas #haymarket #london #

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Jun 29, 2018 at 5:23am PDT

seen - 80cm x 120cm, oil on canvas. Available at @everard_read_cape_town_ #oiloncanvas

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Feb 8, 2018 at 12:52pm PST

it’s almost been a week now since my show opened at @everard_read_london , don’t miss it if you are in London #oiloncanvas #piccadilly #fulhamroad #london

A post shared by philipbarlow (@philipbarlow) on Jul 18, 2018 at 11:14pm PDT

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Sterling silver full finger ring

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Matthew White, the creator of the sterling silver spork, has now fashioned this ladies' Full Finger Ring ($175). It's a sterling silver ring that is for, and looks like, an index finger (just don't call it a FingeRing).

The band of this ring is made to fit on the middle section of the finger to allow for full finger mobility. The band is also adjustable to fit most size fingers.

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Woke Giant, retro political art for third century America

Over at Woke Giant you'll find some seriously cool, retro-styled "political art for third century America." Don't miss the downloadable protest signs!

Here's a taste:

Stress is the enemy!

Keep resisting!

Flint still needs water!

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Behold, the pool float for pregnant women

All the pregnant ladies, this one is for you.

This pink inflatable floatie has a hole for your baby bump which means, for once, you can lie on your front (if you're in the water, that is). It's like a massage table but instead of putting your head in the hole, you put in your swelled belly.

The bad news? You can't buy it, not yet anyway. It's a promotional item you can win from the folks at the Peanut motherhood app.

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Street artist droplifts 'back-to-school' bulletproof vests

Plastic Jesus, the Los Angeles-based street artist behind the "Future Internment Camp" signs and other cool stunts, is back with a new piece. For his latest work, he's droplifted specially-tagged bulletproof vests in the kids' back-to-school section of three Target stores and one Macy’s in Los Angeles.

He writes:

“Back to school” get everything you need for the new year. Including ‘Bullet Proof Kids™️- Level 3A bullet proof vests. By Plastic Jesus industries . This one at Target . Los Angeles. “Show your child how much you care... Don’t let your child be the next victim... money back guarantee... endorsed by the NRA” Coming to a store near you.

And in Newsweek, he's quoted as saying:

“Good visual communication has to engage people, not switch them off or horrify them. This might be a potential reality. We might be sending our kids to school like this...

We’re finding so many excuses to validate these shooters. Things like video games or bad families are being used to excuse their actions. Seeing shootings so normalized is abhorrent."

“We’re finding so many excuses to validate these shooters. Things like video games or bad families are being used to excuse their actions. Seeing shootings so normalized is abhorrent.”

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Popular midcentury CorningWare pattern is back

Is there anyone who isn't familiar with this pattern? I ran estate sales for a while and came across it a lot in the homes I was prepping.

Now, an updated version of CorningWare's Cornflower Blue pattern is back for a limited time.

The Daily Meal:

The dishes are white, with a neat blue floral pattern decorating the center of each container. They were available for 30 years, from the 1950s through the 1980s, and have now returned in an updated pattern that still looks a lot like the look many Americans grew up with.

“First produced in 1958, the iconic blue Cornflower pattern quickly became a staple in American households and for many, the pattern is synonymous with CorningWare and some of their fondest family food memories,” CorningWare said in a statement. “The collection features various-sized baking dishes, generously sized mugs, measuring bowls, a ramekin set, and mixing bowls — all featuring the charming blue flowers that have warmed hearts and homes for generations.”

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can buy this limited-edition retro pattern until 2019 through its parent brand Corelle.

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History of the California tiki scene covered in new book

Jason Henderson and Adam Foshko have authored California Tiki: A History of Polynesian Idols, Pineapple Cocktails and Coconut Palm Trees, a new paperback which "explore the state's midcentury fascination with all things Tiki":

After World War II, suburbs proliferated around California cities as returning soldiers traded in their uniforms for business suits. After-hours leisure activities took on an island-themed sensuality that bloomed from a new fascination with Polynesia and Hawaii. Movies and television shows filmed in Malibu and Burbank urged viewers to escape everyday life with the likes of Gidget and Hawaiian Eye. Restaurants like Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's sprang up to answer the demand for wild cocktails and even wilder décor. The culture--a strange hodgepodge of idols, torches, lush greenery and colorful drinks--beckoned men and women to lose themselves in exotic music and surf tunes.

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Weird Al getting his Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Well, it's about time. "Weird Al" Yankovic is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He writes:

It's finally happening... On Monday, Aug. 27 at 11:30 AM, I will be getting my very own star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME! The ceremony is absolutely FREE and open to the public. It will take place at 6914 Hollywood Blvd., directly across the street from the world-famous Chinese Theatre. Speakers will include Dr. Demento, Thomas Lennon, and ME! If you're so inclined, come on down and help us celebrate!!

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Original Aerosmith tour van found in Massachusetts woods

A piece of American rock 'n' roll history was discovered in western Massachusetts: the original Aerosmith tour van.

In a recently aired episode of the hit History Channel show, “American Pickers,” hosts and antique scavengers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz tracked down the band’s original tour van in Chesterfield that the group used to schlep to gigs around New England in the early 1970s.

Not much was initially known about the rusted, 1964 International Harvester Metro van, buried in the woods, said the property’s owner, identified only as Phil, who told Wolfe and Fritz the vehicle was there when he bought the land.

Founding Aerosmith member and guitarist Ray Tabano confirmed the find, calling it the band's "rolling hotel." Wolfe and Fritz purchased the historic van for $25,000.

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