A roadmap for AI policy questions

Robot law pioneer Ryan Calo (previously) has published a "roadmap" for an "artificial intelligence policy…to help policymakers, investors, technologists, scholars, and students understand the contemporary policy environment around AI at least well enough to initiative their own exploration."

Calo cites a lot of our favorites, like Cathy O'Neil and Julia Angwin, and neatly breaks down the problems of safety, transparency, fairness, and displacement of workers. Calo isn't offering answers, but rather a comprehensive and well-ordered list of questions that we should be thinking about.

Topics covered include:

• Justice and equity
• Use of force
• Safety and certification
• Privacy (including data parity); and
• Taxation and displacement of labor

In addition to these topics, the essay will touch briefly on a selection of broader systemic questions:

• Institutional configuration and expertise
• Investment and procurement
• Removing hurdles to accountability; and
• Correcting mental models of AI

Artificial Intelligence Policy: A Roadmap
[Ryan Calo/SSRN]

(Image: Simone Giertz)