Watch: Aggressive cop pulls gun on motorcyclist and bullies him for no good reason

A motorcycle driver stopped at a red light last week in Washington state when suddenly a man lurches towards him. "How ya doing?!" he asks, the gun pointing right at him, reminding me of a killer clown from a horror movie.

"Oh shit!" the man on the motorcycle says. "What are you doing to me?!"

Turns out it's an unhinged bully cop without a uniform. He doesn't introduce himself. [UPDATE: he is King County sheriff's detective Richard Rowe, 53, and he was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation Tuesday morning.]

"What do you mean what am I doing?" the cop screams at him. He wants to see the driver's ID, but the driver is scared to death, and on top of that he can't hear well with his helmet on. He keeps asking if he can take off his helmet, but the cop just keeps yelling at him to take out his ID.

"Take out your ID! If you move your bike I'm going to dump you!"

"I'm sorry," the motorcycle driver says at one point, trying to explain why he's frozen. "You have a gun drawn on me."

"Yeah, you're right! Cuz I'm the police!"

Turns out the bully cop is a detective with the King County Sheriff's Department in Washington. Apparently he didn't like the way the motorcycle was driving, but never gave him a citation. The motorcycle driver has filed a complaint with the King County Sheriff's Department.