• Watch: A dog comically sits on top of a fence meant to keep her inside the yard

    A man built a sturdy tall fence in his yard to keep his dog Lexi from escaping. But Lexi uses it as perch instead, often stepping right on top of it (as her less nimble buddy keeps all fours on the ground). Clearly she can hit the road anytime she chooses. Check out these comical videos, and more on her TikTok (@lexithejumpingdog).

    Via Daily Paws

  • A hospital dumps a Black man on a sidewalk with tubes still attached. He is found unresponsive

    A Georgia hospital dumped a seriously ill Black man, with tubes and a catheter still attached to him, on a sidewalk after his Medicare ran out. The 68-year-old patient, who had "a fever, signs of sepsis, a urinary tract infection and an elevated heart rate," according to WSB-TV, was found collapsed and unresponsive.

    From WSB:

    [Channel 2's Mark] Winne talked to Conyers Police Deputy Chief Scott Freeman, the officer who rescued the man near Piedmont Rockdale Hospital.

    "Common sense dictates that you do not treat human beings the way that we're seeing in this particular case," Freeman said. …

    Freeman said the 68-year-old man was discharged from the hospital Thursday. A hospital employee told officers that the man had been at the hospital for 35 days and that Medicare would not continue to pay for his treatment.

    The employee said that security dressed the man and walked him out.

    Freeman said an officer was told the man was cleared as "fit to leave" by two doctors and the hospital wanted him gone.

    "(He was) literally ejected out to the sidewalk with no help whatsoever," Freeman said. "I think it's inhumane. He was clearly incoherent. That's just not how we treat people here in this city or this country."

    The unapologetic Piedmont Rockdale Hospital thought this to be an appropriate statement:

    "At Piedmont, our purpose is to make a positive difference in every life we touch. We can only provide the best care with the cooperation and consent of the patient. We do our best to connect patients in need with community partners and social service organizations to provide appropriate after-hospital care, but ultimately accepting these services is at the discretion of the patient."

    If that's their best, I'd hate to see what their worst is.

    The patient, whose name wasn't released, was taken by ambulance right back to the hospital's emergency room.

  • Watch a mom nearly blur in this amazing dance for her son's 6th birthday party

    An Illinois-based mom celebrates her "baby's" 6th birthday with this spectacular, high-speed dance she and her partner performed at his party. And it's not just a one-off –– check out her TikTok (@maryanpeter) for many more of her fun, often incredible dance videos.


    We had to do something special for our son Lian Bday party! Happy Bday my baby 6 yrs you are my 🌎 #ChimeHasYourBack #fyp #fypシ #harrypotter

    ♬ original sound – mayranpeter

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  • A confused school in Miami bans students for 30 days if they receive a Covid shot

    The Centner Academy, a Florida school who claims "we are not anti-vaxxers," is banning students who dare to get vaxxed from showing up at school for 30 days after each shot. This is the same misinformed, up to $30,000-per-year Miami private school that discourages teachers from getting vaxxed. They have also warned students not to hug their vaxxed parents for more than five seconds. Their upside-down, Q-infected thinking leads them to believe the vaccine can transmit Covid-19.

    From WSVN:

    Parents of students at the Centner Academy recently received a letter from its Chief Operating Officer that read in part, "…if you are considering the vaccine for your Centner Academy student(s), we ask that you hold off until the Summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding onto others to decrease."

    The letter also spelled out a quarantine rule for parents who still choose to vaccinate their children.

    "Because of the potential impact on other students and our school community, vaccinated students will need to stay at home for 30 days post-vaccination for each dose and booster they receive and may return to school after 30 days as long as the student is healthy and symptom-free."

    Centner Academy first made headlines in April when the school's owners told their staff to hold off on getting vaccinated. …

    The school owners said the reasoning was over concerns on side effects and fears that those who get the shot will infect those who don't get it.

  • The 2020 election and the old Big Lie seem to be backfiring on Trump

    Over the weekend, both Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson (AR) and Republican Senator Bill Cassidy (LA) insinuated that supporting Trump was a losing strategy.

    First, there's Cassidy, who told "Axios on HBO," that he will not vote for Donald Trump if the ex-president runs in 2024, because, essentially, Trump was the big loser in 2020, and Cassidy wants the GOP to win: "President Trump is the first president ― in the Republican side at least ― to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning." (Starts 1:48):

    And then we've got Hutchinson saying on "Meet the Press" that Trump's ongoing Big Lie about the 2020 election could be "a recipe for disaster in 2022." He said if the GOP wants to win in 2022, they shouldn't be focusing on the last election:

    These weekend comments, preceded by the tiny Trump-rally turnouts in June and September, might be a sign that one-trick-Trump's monotonous Big Lie is getting tired even for the GOP.

  • Trump now demands "Either a new Election take place" or he is "declared the winner"

    On Wednesday, Trump made the idiotic threat that Republicans will not vote in '22 or '24 if "we don't solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020." Of course, giddy Democrats welcomed this threat with open arms.

    Today, however, the desperate gentleman, perhaps realizing his gaffe, pivoted to an idiotic demand instead, ending his blog post with, "Either a new Election should immediately take place or the past Election should be decertified and the Republican candidate declared the winner."

    It sure is fascinating to see just how many ways he can say, "I'm full of shit."

    Via Mediaite

  • Black students suspended for protesting racist white students in Georgia

    After white students at Coosa High School in Georgia waved a confederate flag and made racist remarks, Black students planned a protest in response. But for some reason (aka racism), the school suspended the Black protestors while the kids with the racist flag did not face repercussions.

    To add salt to the open wound, a couple of white students helping the Black protestors did not get reprimanded, "even though they claimed to be as disruptive as the Black students," according to The Hill.

    The school administration referred to the actions of the suspended students, and not the racist students, as "encouraging unrest." (See CBS news video below.)

  • Watch: This dog goes from sneaky to utterly guilty when caught stealing food

    This golden retriever looks pretty confident in his obviously tried-and-true-routine of pawing at and sliding a covered bowl of food off the counter and into his mouth. But before he can make a quick getaway, his human announces her presence. "Unbelievable. No. What are you doing?"

    And that's when his expression abruptly changes, his tightly knitted "eyebrows" and downward stare revealing sheer guilt (mixed with sorrow, knowing he must give up the goods). The funniest part is how, even after being busted, he clearly doesn't want to let go of that bowl.

  • Lauren Boebert tries to disprove she's dumb by tweeting #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb

    #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb, she decided she's not "going to bother entertaining the haters who put this out" by entertaining the hashtag with this entertaining video (I prefer it via @RonFilipkowski's tweet, but you can also see the video –– and dumbly added hashtag –– in Boebert's own tweet at the bottom of this post):

    This is a hashtag that keeps on giving, or trending. Such as the boost it enjoyed last March, when the Congresswoman (Q–CO) again tried to disprove #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb by putting it right in her post, a sure-fire way to make it a star in the Twitterverse. Such is the science of hashtags.

  • A Republican group taunts Trump with a big, blunt reminder that he is a loser

    For their fellow Republicans who missed the memo, Republicans for Voting Rights sent them a clear message yesterday: TRUMP LOST.

    As part of their nationwide quarter-million dollar billboard campaign, the message was plastered across a massive billboard that went up in New York City's Times Square. The big truth was followed by "NO MORE 'AUDITS.'"

    Although not the first in the campaign, its placement makes it the most striking. Click here for more details and past billboards (all with the same message). Republicans for Voting Rights is an initiative of the Republican Accountability Project.

    Top image by Naresh777 / Shutterstock.com

  • A pet chihuahua surprises their humans at the airport when they open their suitcase

    A Texas couple on their way to Las Vegas was told at the airport that one of their bags was six pounds too heavy. When they opened it up, out popped their pet chihuahua, who had snuggled into a cowboy boot that was packed inside the suitcase.

    The tiny stowaway, Icky, looked like he had just woken up from a nap, according to Insider, who spoke to his humans, Jared and Kristi.

    From Insider:

    "I guess this little burrower just burrowed down in the bottom of it and we never had any clue," said Jared. …

    "My first thought was worrying they were going to think we were trying to smuggle the dog on there," added Jared, who went on to say that Cook, who was assisting them, kindly offered to dog-sit for them while they were in Vegas. …

    The couple said that the scene caused some check-in delays because the three teams of Southwestern employees stopped what they were doing to interact with Icky. "There were people looking at us like, 'Thanks guys, we're just trying to go travel,'" said Jared. "We halted their travel plans a little bit as we did with our own." …

    A representative for Southwest Airlines confirmed the story and told Insider: "We thank our employee for showing the hospitality that Southwest is known for to everyone – even our four-legged friends!"

  • A man created a vomiting skeleton for a Halloween contest – watch it in action

    A man in Texas, prepping for an annual Halloween contest for best spooky cabin (which he usually wins), created this simple yet striking vomiting skeleton to add to his decoration collection.

    Alex Croy told Yahoo! he "bought a fountain pump and hose and ordered the skeleton," then added red food-coloring to the water. Of course he also offered the skeleton a large vomit receptacle (aka a trash bin) to do its business. He says he just needs to add some clothing to make it complete.

    Here's the sick bones in action:

  • Check out this cute Cape Cod turtle born with rare case of two heads, six legs

    The Birdsey Cape Cod Wildlife Center is the proud caregiver of a young diamondback terrapin turtle born with two heads and six legs. The turtle/turtles were born with a "rare anomaly" caused either by genetics or environmental factors, according to their Instagram.

    According to the Center's IG, these turtles, like human conjoined twins, "share parts of their body but also have some parts that are independent." Each head eats and moves independently, and each side of the turtle(s) controls three legs.

    Usually turtles born with this condition, called "bicephaly," don't live long, but so far these delightful creatures are thriving.

    From Cape Cod Times:

    A barium study showed the animal has two independent gastrointestinal systems to nourish both sides. The heads work independently for coming to the surface to breathe. Staff at the center says it is feeding well, primarily on blood worms and food pellets.

    This rare specimen will continue to be watched and when it reaches four weeks old the Center's crew hopes to get a CT scan to learn more about the animal's circulatory system and more information about the two tiny terrapins sharing one shell.

  • Transphobic US Senate candidate kicked out of school board meeting

    Sheriffs in Ohio asked US Senate candidate, Josh Mandel, to leave a school board meeting on Monday after he took the mic to bash transgender students. He dug in his heels, arguing that he had every right to spew his toxic views — even in a school board district that he does not live in.

    His purpose was to "defend the moms and dads" against the district's mask mandate, according to WCPO, saying the district was "using kids as pawns in a political game."

    "Here in the Lakota District and throughout the state of Ohio, children should not be forced to wear masks," he said. He then slid into transphobic mode. "On top of that, children should not be forced to learn about whether to pick a gender or not pick a gender. Boys are boys, girls are girls."

    Mandel, who is leading Ohio's packed GOP primary race, "was once denounced by his own family for rejecting his lesbian, veteran cousin," according to LGBTQ Nation:

    From LGBTQ Nation:

    Mandel is a Trump-style Republican full of bluster and far-right talking points littered with a fine dusting of racism and homophobia.

    In 2012, his own family wrote an op-ed denouncing him for rejecting his lesbian veteran cousin. He vocally and repeatedly denounced same-sex marriage and allowing LGBTQ people to serve in the military.

    The one thing LGBTQ Nation got wrong in their article was its title: "GOP candidate humiliated as police haul him out of school board meeting after trans kids rant." He wasn't humiliated — his stunt went swimmingly well for his target audience. With his ignorance and bullying ways, he's a shoe-in for GOP political success.

    Here is part of the confrontation between Mandel, the school board members, and the sheriffs, which he proudly posted himself:

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was open to banning birth control pills when asked

    Lauren Windsor, undercover reporter and self-described "progressive pugilist swamp-slayer," posed as a right-wing anti-sex fanatic last night, coaxing a frightening response out of Texas Governor Greg Abbott when asked about banning birth control pills.

    "Can you do something about morning-after pills and birth control?" she asked, after pumping up his ego by asking for his autograph. "'Cause I think it's destroying the fabric of our society, giving women incentives to be promiscuous."

    Rather than flat-out telling her she's outrageous, Abbott boasts that "basically, we've outlawed abortion in Texas," and that he's already signed a law that bans mail-order abortion pills.

    And when she presses him further on the issue, asking if he can ban over-the-counter birth control, he says, "I don't know. That I don't know."

    Finally, when asked if his answer is a "maybe," he most likely wants to flee the topic, but instead seems to confirm with a quick "Maybe."

    The one thing he never does when asked if he'd ban birth control pills is say "No."

    Image by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Greg Abbott, CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Watch: The SCREAM 2022 trailer is out!

    Just in time for Halloween, the official SCREAM 2022 trailer was just released. (Unfortunately, the actual movie doesn't premiere until January.)

    Set in the same town of Woodsboro, again with characters Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette), the trailer for this fifth film in the SCREAM series, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpen and Tyler Gillet, doesn't reveal any fresh surprises. But that might be intentional.

    From Gizmodo:

    In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-director Gillet explained that keeping the killer's (or killers', since we know how sneaky the Scream movies can be about stuff like that) identity a secret was priority number one, even on set. "We were really careful to protect the big reveal of the movie," he said. "We went as far as to withhold those moments in the script from the actors. We wanted everybody involved, to the degree that we could, to be a part of the whodunit. Obviously, you get to a point in the shoot where you have to let the cat out of the bag, but we went pretty far into prep and into production with a surprising amount of secrecy maintained."

    Either way, it looks like a fun rush, in the style of a theme park thrill ride, where the ride for the sake of sheer adrenaline never gets old.

  • Is Marjorie Taylor Greene suggesting Civil War with her new poll?

    Toxic Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA), far-right "patriot" known for spreading conspiracy theories and inciting violence, is at it again. This time she seems to be hinting at Civil War, sowing the seeds with a Twitter poll asking if the United States should split up.

    "Should America have a national divorce?" she asks.

    She then gives three answers to choose from: 1) Yes, by R & D states 2) No, stay together; and 3) Undecided

    Of the 13,892 respondents from this morning, according to Yahoo!, more than half want a divorce, 38% want to stay put, and 10% were undecided.

    Image by DonkeyHotey / Flickr

  • Here's how to make Squid Game's candy shapes, if you dare

    Anyone watching Netflix's Squid Game series will recognize this innocent-looking honeycomb toffee, or Dalgona, which made for one of the show's gripping, and of course deadly, childhood games. In real life, some customers in Korea are also challenged to carve out a shape of the simple candy — made from sugar and baking soda — without cracking it. If they succeed, they get to keep their treat for free… and if they lose? They pay for it, but at least their life is spared. Here's how it is made:

    Via Laughing Squid

  • This remodeled house rotates so fast, it's comical

    Usually when a building rotates, it takes a good 30 minutes to 24 hours to complete a full circle (see this fun Gizmodo article about rotating houses). But a 72-year-old man in Bosnia remodeled his home — after his wife complained of the same static view from each window — so that it can spin a full circle in 22 seconds! Powered by a motor and "the wheels of an old military transport vehicle," according to AP, the dizzying speed of the house can be adjusted to a slower 24-hour rotation once the nausea sets in.

  • Watch this AT&T ad boasting of its creepy far right OAN support (parody but true)

    OANN (One America News Network, aka OAN), self-described as the "greatest supporters" of Trump, is so right of the right they laughably call Fox "anti-Trump" and accuse the radically conservative Newsmax as being a "left-leaning organization." So when Reuters reported last week that AT&T helped create and support OAN, and is responsible for 90% of its propaganda, Lincoln Project generously donated their time to create this updated ad for the folksy phone and internet provider.

    AT&T, the largest communications provider on the planet, not only connects families and friends, it also "helps fund One America News Network," the ad's narrator boasts. "OANN is a streaming channel that hires radical white nationalists as hosts, cheers the Capitol attacks, and promotes Covid-19 conspiracy theories."

    The ad lets us in on what we pay for when we sign up for AT&T, including "OANN host Pearson Sharp to call for mass executions," and "funding politicians like Texas governor Greg Abbott, who pushes radical new laws against voting rights and women's rights."

    Wrapping up with its tagline, "AT&T, funding sedition, suppression, and of course, One America News Network," the ad parodies AT&T's false altruism to such a tee, I almost missed it on the first view, mistaking it for a real AT&T ad—which it might as well be.