• Sen. Ron Johnson turned into a 6-foot poop statue as he silently stood with protestors calling BS

    Climate-denier Sen. Ron Johnson (R–WI) is always full of bullshit, but yesterday he was made of bullshit, thanks to a Colorado manure artist who carved a life-size stool sculpture of the senator (see images below). And then the shitty statue toured around Milwaukee, standing in silent solidarity with protestors who called out his past BS remarks about climate change.

    From HuffPost:

    Johnson has long spread misinformation about climate change. He made the "bullshit" reference in June 2021, when he was caught on camera at a local Republican event dismissing the crisis.

    "I don't know about you guys, but I think climate change is ― as Lord Monckton said ― bullshit," the senator said at the time, mouthing the word without uttering it. He was referring to British conservative climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton.

    "By the way, it is," Johnson continued, and "there are more and more scientists" who are writing books "just laying this to waste."

    Thursday's tour of the shit statue, which was created by "a manure artist" from Colorado, is part of a broader effort by progressive activists to unseat Johnson. During their stop at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the groups collected students' pledges to vote and urged them to show up for Johnson's Democratic challenger, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

    You can bet it was a real shit show indeed.

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  • Deep state used "weather manipulation technology" on Ian to hurt DeSantis, says ex-InfoWars host (video)

    QAnon is still alive and kicking, and this week's mad revelation — brought to us by two GQP candidates who lost in 2020 — is that the magical deep state used "weather manipulation technology" to power up Hurricane Ian. The reason? To punish Gov. Ron DeSantis. (See video below.)

    "We understand the deep state — they have weather manipulation technology … they know how to manipulate and create big storms," spouted far-right online host DeAnna Lorraine, who both failed to beat Nancy Pelosi in the last midterms and keep her job on InfoWars (after her brief hosting stint she was immediately iced out by Alex Jones.)

    And then, to back up her claim, "These huge hurricanes always seem to target red states, red districts, and always at a convenient time — typically, right before elections," she continued, failing to mention that hurricane season has long coincided with the timing of U.S. elections. "Or in this case… because Ron DeSantis has been stepping out of line a lot challenging, fighting the Deep State."

    Lorraine's co-conspirator, Lauren Witzke, took her Que and ran with it.

    "Well we know the technology does exist. I mean, DeAnna, they're literally trying to change people's DNA through vaccination. Of course they would be willing to do something like this to target red states. … I'm not putting it past the elites to target something like this towards Florida as punishment for getting rid of vaccine mandates or getting rid of child grooming."

    And you can bet the elites use space lasers to get the job done.

  • Watch: Ad for conservative new dating app shows women where to find Mr. Wrong

    GOP single ladies looking for Mr. Wrong, search no further. The Right Stuff, a new conservative dating app backed by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, offers a slew of bropublicans who exude just the "Alpha-Male vibe" that is sure to make your life a living hell: Cancun beachcombers, pussy-grabbers, Capitol hall marathon runners, family pariahs and much more. What could possibly go wrong? (See ad below to find out.)

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  • Lauren Boebert's big whopper as she suddenly — before midterm elections — supports veterans (video)

    With midterm elections less than six weeks away, CongressQuack Lauren Boebert (CO) did an about face, trying to make amends with the veterans she voted against (see video below).

    "[Veterens] deserve the very best care that America has to offer," she said, pretending to be conducting official business rather than fast-talking with MAGA's [anti]FreedomWorks members. "They have committed their lives to our country and we must uphold our commitment to each and every one of them."

    Let's hope veterans in Colorado remember how she has voted against them, including her vote against the Honoring Our PACT Act, a bill with bipartisan support to help at least 3.5 million suffering veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxins. Fortunately, the bill easily passed through the House without her help, with 34 Republicans joining all Democrats, and has since become a law.

    Days before denying veterans the healthcare they needed, she heckled President Biden at his State of the Union address as he spoke about protecting veterans.

  • 500-year-old Buddhist pagoda in Thailand collapses after rain, revealing hidden treasures (video)

    A 522-year-old Buddhist stupa in Thailand toppled over after days of heavy rain — revealing ancient statues and antiques hidden underneath. Footage on Facebook (below) shows the beautiful gold, three-story structure — or chedi — at Wat Si Suphan in Chiang Mai leaning to its side with part of the base already taken out by the rain — and then it collapses.

    From Thaiger:

    A few days ago, the chedi – taller than a three-storey building – began leaning to one side. Cracks were discovered at the base of the structure. After days of continuous rain, the chedi began leaning more and the area was sectioned off in anticipation of the chedis' collapse.

    The chedi is a "Phra That," or a stupa said to hold ancient Buddhist relics. Under the rubble, numerous Buddha statues and other antiques were found, some made from glass and some carved from stone. …

    Today, Buddhist monks from the temple will undertake a Lanna-style ceremony to bid the chedi farewell.

    Video: Facebook / @nontakarn.surat.9

  • Mike Lindell tells voters not to vote early so "we can overrun the algorithms"

    Pillow peddler Mike Lindell, sued by Smartmatic and Dominion after claiming their voting machines led to election fraud, is now telling voters to only vote on election day to "overrun the algorithms."

    "We can overrun the algorithms," the stable conspiracy theorist told Steve Bannon (video below). "Everybody has to get out and vote — everybody you know — and same day. Don't vote two days early, don't vote one day early, vote same day."

    This is the same addled gentleman you see at a busy crosswalk continually pressing the walk button before the signal changes on its own.

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  • A plane managed to clip another while taxiing at Heathrow airport

    London's Heathrow Airport can't catch a break. Last night, two airplanes found themselves in a fender bender — or wing dinger, as it were — on the runway. The minor collision involved a Korean Air plane about to take off for Seoul, which managed to clip the tail of a parked Icelandair plane (see images below). Of course all passengers had to deboard and emergency services were called to the scene, but no injuries were reported.

    From The Guardian:

    Dan Sabbagh, the Guardian's defence and security editor, was among the passengers on the Korean Air flight to Seoul and posted a photograph of about 10 police cars and two fire engines by the plane. He said passengers deboarded the plane for safety reasons.

    Another passenger, Richard Taylor, said he saw the left wing of the Korean Air plane clip the tail of the Icelandair while taxiing.

    "There was very little movement from our wing as it touched," he said, adding that what "looked like shards" broke off the tail of the parked Icelandair plane.

    Just another chaotic mess at Heathrow.

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  • Weather reporter defends using a condom on her mic (video)

    What better way for a wet reporter to protect their hard gear than to practice safe coverage with a condom? When NBC's weather reporter Kyla Galer covered Hurricane Ian, she came prepared:

    And viewers noticed. "Ummm … what is that in the tip of the microphone," one person tweeted, to which Galer responded, "We gotta protect our gear at all costs."

    But before the small yet mounting twitterstorm could reach its climax, Galer nipped it in the bud.

    "A lot of people are asking what is on my microphone," she said (see second video below). "It is what you think it is—it's a condom! It helps protect the gear. We can't get these mics wet. There's a lot of wind, there's a lot of rain, so we got to do what we got to do, and that is put a condom on the microphone."

    Via Daily Beast

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  • The Weather Channel sends reporters to middle of fierce Hurricane Ian (video) [Update]

    The Weather Channel has their eye on the hurricane — as well as on their TV ratings — as they send reporters out to cover Hurricane Ian. Standing in the middle of a near category 5 hurricane is never a good idea … but come rain or high water, the show must go on!

    [UPDATE: In my original post I mistakenly said viewers were calling BS on some of the Ian coverage, as shown in the last video below, but as a couple of commenters pointed out (thank you to those commenters for the correction), that video was from 2018 covering Hurricane Florence.]

    Front page thumbnail image: The Weather Channel (screengrab)

  • Hurricane Ian: Fort Myers suffers catastrophic flooding, while at least one shark spotted in city streets (video)

    Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in Florida at 3:05 pm ET today near Fort Myers with "150-mile-per-hour winds" and a 12-foot storm surge, is "one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the U.S.," according to WYFF. More than 1.5 million people have lost power across Florida due to the near category 5 storm, according to The New York Times, and it "is one of the most powerful storms to strike the United States in decades."

    The first four videos below show catastrophic flooding, while the last video shows what seems to be sharks swimming though city streets.

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  • When Southwest passenger's bag is too heavy to check on, she gets creative in the most hilarious way (video)

    When a woman's luggage weighed too much at a Southwest check-in counter, she not only beat the system, she unwittingly put on a vaudevillian act that any traveling circus would be happy to include. (See video below.)

    To lighten her load, she first she opened her suitcase and pulled out a bright furry chicken costume — which she put on over her clothes.

    But her bag was still too heavy, so she reopened it and pulled out a gorilla costume — which she put on over her chicken costume.

    But her bag was still too heavy, so she reopened it and pulled out an avocado costume — which she put on over the gorilla costume.

    When that wasn't enough, the hilarious passenger stacked three hats on top of her head, hung a red shirt around her neck as if it were a scarf, and draped some kind of blanket around her shoulders. Then, to make sure there were no more hiccups, she slyly lifted one end of the suitcase with her foot, which went unnoticed by the busy Southwest employee. Bingo! The bag was finally approved — mission accomplished.


    Imagine going through security after 😂🤣

    ♬ original sound – Taylor Watson

    Via Yahoo!

  • Man in prison for deadly Las Vegas bombing escaped over weekend — days before anyone noticed

    A man serving life in prison for a deadly Las Vegas bombing in 2007 at the Luxor hotel escaped "early in the weekend"— but it wasn't until Tuesday that security realized he was missing. Apparently, counting heads is not a regular activity at Southern Desert Correctional Center in Indian Springs, so Porfirio Duarte-Herrera was able to get quite a head start before a search team stumbled into action.

    From ABCNews4:

    He was tried and convicted, along with Omar Rueda-Denvers, after a bomb went off at the Luxor garage in May of 2007. The blast killed 24-year-old Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio.

    Prosecutors said Rueda-Denvers targeted Dorantes Antonio for dating his ex-girlfriend, and Duarte-Herrera built the pipe bomb, which was hidden in a coffee cup.

    And from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak:

    This morning, my office was informed by the Nevada Department of Corrections that an inmate was reported as missing. My Office later learned that upon further investigation by NDOC the inmate has been missing since early in the weekend. This is unacceptable.

    My Office has ordered NDOC to conduct and complete a thorough investigation into this event as quickly as possible. This kind of security lapse cannot be permitted and those responsible will be held accountable.

    NDOC continues to work with law enforcement officials in the pursuit of this inmate. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the escaped inmate should immediately call 911.

  • Florida CEO of company in Ian's path insisted employees still show up so she could have a good quarter

    A Florida CEO of a company located in Clearwater, which declared a state of emergency Tuesday due to Hurricane Ian, asked employees to show up at the office and keep working.

    "Obviously you feeling safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance, but I honestly want to continue to deliver and I want to have a good end of quarter," said Joy Gendusa of Postcardmania in an email (see below). "And when [the hurricane] turns into nothing, I don't want it to be like, 'Great, we all stopped producing because of the media and the maybe that it was going to be terrible.'"

    "There is always more hype in the media than any storm that has ever hit here," she said, obviously a fan of Tucker Carlson, who calls hurricanes a scam invented by the media. "Bring your pets if you feel teh [sic] need. I doubt in the end you will really need to. We are not closing, we are working. We'll make it super fun for the kids!"

    From Vice:

    Postcardmania, a postcard marketing company, has a 69,000-plus-square-foot main campus in Clearwater. Clearwater declared a state of emergency Tuesday, and Pinellas County began issuing evacuation orders Monday. Hurricane Ian could be the strongest hurricane to hit the Tampa area in more than 100 years

    But in various communications to employees Monday, the company insisted that the media was overhyping Hurricane Ian—which is expected to make landfall in Florida Wednesday with 155 mph winds after leaving the entire nation of Cuba without power—and that employees were still expected to work through potential disaster, even if that meant bringing their families to the office.

    But in the end, the email (posted by @jonahfurman on Twitter, see below) went viral, and Gendusa backed down, allowing employees to take off Wednesday and Thursday — although "they're still expected to hit 40 hours of work this week," according to Vice's Paul Blest (see second tweet below). In his post's comments, at least one employee said they will now be looking for another job.

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  • Check out this very rare, two-headed turtle found alive in Thailand (video)

    Rarer than a four-leaf clover, a turtle watch volunteer in Thailand found a two-headed hatchling. Even more unusual, they were still alive.

    "We encounter this very rarely. This is my first time encountering a two-headed turtle that is still alive," said a member of Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, according to Pen News (who posted video, below). Since 2016, the group has come across only a few double-headed hatchlings out of 88,719 eggs.

    Each head reacts independently to outside stimuli, and so far, the right head is the more dominant sibling. The volunteers sent the turtles to a nearby Turtle Conservation group.

    Front page thumbnail image: Tanat Chayaphattharitthee / shutterstock.com

  • Tucker Carlson says hurricanes are scams — unless they're headed towards his house

    Hurricanes are "scams," according to faux news host Tucker Carlson.

    "You hate to hype hurricanes, because it's just a staple of TV and everyone is on to the scam," he said on Fox last night.

    Oh, except for Hurricane Ian — that's a different story. "But there's a legitimately large hurricane barreling toward the gulf coast of Florida tonight." Mm-hmm, and barreling right towards his own $2.9 million house on Florida's Gasparilla Island. Suddenly it's no longer a scam.

  • Drag shows are more dangerous than guns says rational gentleman

    With propagandists like Ron DeSantis likening drag shows to "child endangerment," you end up with stable genii such as the gentleman below.

    "What do you think is more dangerous for children, going to drag shows or guns?" Jason Selvig of the Good Liars asked, to which the man answered, as if it were a no-brainer, "Drag shows, if you ask me!"

    And then the fellow backed his answer with sheer logic. "Kids can own guns legitimately, [if you] use them the right way, but drag shows, it's just horrible."

    He also explained that drag shows will change your life, and he knows this because "they weren't around when I was young, so I don't believe in it."

    (Well, actually, drag shows were around when he was young, but maybe that's beside the point.)

    "But a drag show probably wouldn't kill somebody," Selvig ventured to ask.

    "No, it wouldn't kill anybody," the man said assuredly. In other words, drag shows are just more dangerous than guns, end of MAGA story.

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  • Watch: Excited dog holding a toy waits for tortoise to play with him

    A playful chihuahua holding a bright pink toy can barely contain himself as he patiently waits for his tortoise friend, who is nibbling on some leaves. Perhaps when his buddy is finished eating she will run around with him and play a game of tug-o'-war — at least that's the plan.

    This duo has a lot more Instagram videos at tillygthetortoise.

    Via Hindustan Times

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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene as Rambo runs contest to go hog hunting with her (you can't make this stuff up)

    Hoofing through a stormy field with electrically charged eyes, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q–GA) is now posing as a badass going after feral hogs, not in Georgia, where she is supposed to be working, but in Texas. Of course she "hunts" the creatures from the safety of a helicopter, with a foolproof assault rifle. And then she turns the charade into a contest, inviting her fans to enter for a chance to play Rambo with her. I honestly thought this was a spoof, but then noticed Marge herself posted it on YouTube. Welcome to MAGA's America.

  • University of Idaho sent email to staff advising against abortion talk and birth control access – or else!

    The University of Idaho has decided to not only forbid staff and faculty from offering any abortion information to students — a crime that can get them fired — they are also, unbelievably, suggesting an end to birth control access.

    If an employee at the University of Idaho merely mentions to a student that they support abortion, or worse, gives a student information on how to obtain an abortion, they can now lose their job, says new school guidelines that were issued on Friday. Outside of their job, they could also face felony charges "and be permanently barred from all future state employment," according to email obtained by The Washington Post.

    Not only is abortion talk forbidden, but the school guidelines suggest that birth control no longer be offered at the university. "…We are advising a conservative approach here, that the university not provide standard birth control itself." Even old-fashioned condoms will not be offered as a form of birth control, but they will offered "for the purpose of helping prevent the spread of STDs," according to the guidelines. (Thank god for loopholes.)

    From The Washington Post:

    Abortion rights advocates were quick to point to the University of Idaho's new policy as evidence of the antiabortion movement's broader ambitions.

    "We always knew extremists wouldn't stop at banning abortion; they'd target birth control next," Rebecca Gibron, chief executive of Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawai'i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, wrote in a statement. "The University of Idaho's announcement is the canary in the coal mine, an early sign of the larger, coordinated effort to attack birth control access." …

    Staff and faculty at the University of Idaho have been reluctant to discuss the new guidance, said one employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her job.

    "I think there's a lot of fear," said the employee, who said she cried in her office after receiving the message on Friday afternoon.

    "I think about the resident hall advisers. This is the kind of advice they give out if students are sexually active and not ready for a family," she said. "Now it's the kind of thing that could get them fired and charged with a felony."