Sweary mums are scaring off Mumsnet's advertisers

Mumsnet bills itself as "the UK's most popular parenting website," and it makes substantial revenues from the ads that run alongside the sprawling, vigorous discussions among the eponymous mums (and the occasional dad).

But since the site has launched in 2000, the participants on Mumsnet have grown steadily swearier, with "C-words and F-bombs" tripling since 2008. According to The Times, this has prompted major advertisers including confused.com, the National Trust and Bulgari to threaten to withdraw their ads.

Unsurprisingly, nothing gets online mums more riled up than talking about their relationships. Much of this is venting about husbands' emotional distance, flagging libido or adulterous tendencies. By contrast, debates about the book of the month elicit, on the whole, much milder language.

Foul-mouthed mothers are causing problems for Mumsnet

[The Economist]

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(Image: The Economist)