Be a dapper zapper with the ZapCane

The ZapCane comes complete with a flashlight and a 1MM volt stun gun. It also supports you as you walk.

I was looking at canes, like you do when you have a bad back, and thinking "Maybe it is finally time for a sword cane?" or something along those lines. Then I saw the ZapCane.

The handy flashlight is in a fairly useless location to help you with the walking. The true charm of the ZapCane is its 1MM volt stun gun. The entire bottom extension of the cane becomes a highly unpleasant electrified surface.

Why would someone need a ZapCane? In some really rough urban spots people with impaired mobility may find it necessary to fend off attackers! Maybe you could use the ZapCane as a silly way to try and fend off a bear, before said bear eats your fucking face off.

I am a huge fan of the fritz handle. It is the most comfortable for actually walking. Also notable, this cane is size adjustable without cutting.

ZAP ZAPCANE Cane – 1 Millionv Stun Gun Walking Cane with Flashlight & Carrying Case via Amazon