Excellent video explains real purpose of NFL protests

For people who want to believe the NFL protests are against the National Anthem, this video of Fox Sports 1 and First Things First host Nick Wright's explanation won't mean anything. For everyone else, it's worth watching.

Wright went on to clarify that it is not true that the players are protesting the anthem, flag, country, or military. They are protesting systemic racism and police brutality.

"What I will engage on is what is actually happening, because I can't walk past a television screen without seeing this on the bottom line: 'NFL players protest anthem,'" he said. "It is amazing to get a fact error in a four-word headline."

He added, "When people march, they are not protesting traffic. The players have been uniform that they are using the anthem as a vehicle to protest inequality, police brutality, and racial injustice. And this story — by the president and others, many well before the president ever chimed in — has been hijacked to making it about the anthem when in reality the anthem was always just the vehicle."