The end for Storify

Storify is an online service that lets you present strings of social media posts as a single readable article, instead of as a half-broken javascript shitbox garnished with abusive commentary from nazis. Sadly, it is The End for Storify, which is going to shut down next year.

Exporting content from Storify can be done in a few simple steps:

Log in to Storify at
Mouse over the story that contains content you would like to export and select "View."
Click on the ellipses icon and select "Export."
Choose your preferred format for download.
To save your content and linked assets in HTML, select – File > Save as > Web Page, Complete.
Repeat the process for each story whose content you would like to preserve.
When will my content on Storify be removed?

The site gets wiped May 16, 2018, so there's plenty of time.