Man attacks ABC journalist Bree Steffens while she is reporting live

Last night while ABC 10News reporter Bree Steffens was giving a live report in San Diego, we see her pulled off the screen. A growling man appears on camera and then disappears while we hear Steffens scream "Oh shit!" We also hear a loud crunch and glass breaking (the camera, most likely). We are then switched to a worried 10News anchor, who says they will be checking on Bree Steffens and getting back to us about the situation soon.

Fortunately Steffens and the photographer are both fine. According to ABC 10News:

A 10News reporter and photographer are doing well following an incident that occurred on-camera Monday evening.

Reporter Bree Steffen was live on the air during 10News at 11 p.m. when an unknown man harassed her and photographer Mike Gold.

While the man's motive is unclear, the incident was not related to the content of the story being covered by Steffen and Gold.