Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in over 15,000 published scientific studies

Vanessa Hill at BrainCraft got obsessed with tallying up how many times Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in scientific papers, but she wasn't prepared for the actual number of papers: over 15,000.

It turns out that Arnold is very useful in information sciences because of his unusual name. "Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be a duplicate" noted one paper on sorting large quantities of data. Via Vanessa:

Sometimes I use this platform for good, sometimes I use it to uncover every scientific study mentioning Arnold Schwarzenegger. After using a study mentioning Schwarzenegger a few episodes ago, I wondered, "How many scientific studies mention Arnold Schwarzenegger?" And when I looked into it, the answer REALLY got out of hand. This was a real pain in the neck.

Every Scientific Study on Arnold Schwarzenegger (YouTube / BrainCraft)