Hack Your Dog's Brain

Dogs are great.  They just are.  They're a source of happiness, joy and unconditional love.  I know mine is (pic above).  However, they have a mind of their own which sometimes can be frustrating and other times a true danger.  The good news is that with a little patience and knowledge you can hack your dog's brain.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with expert dog trainer, Laura Nativo, on a series of dog training videos called "Safety FURst" sponsored by Embrace Pet Insurance.

These are a series of 7 easy to understand and duplicate dog training videos.  The tutorials are produced so anyone can give their dogs some basic obedience skills all designed to keep your dog safe and happy.  The videos include: Positive Reinforcement, Sit, Recall (come), Leave It, Loose Leash Walking, Dog Introductions and How To Relieve Fireworks (or loud noise) Anxiety.

As you will see Laura's style of training is kind, positive, loving, effective and available here:

Safety FURst Obedience Training Tips from Laura Nativo.

Also, check out this link for a quick way to keep your dog smelling fresh every day.