Dog is good boi living the good life

What a dog, living a good life. Read the rest

Dachshund enjoys doing chemistry experiments in his little laboratory

It's time to cook.

When a dog has a happy dream, you know it.

Wholesome content to brighten up your internet right here. Read the rest

Puppy gets a brushy brushy

Look at his little back leg twitch with delight. Read the rest

Dog walks perkily through rain in spiffy raincoat and booties

“Hey. Are you coming, or what?” Read the rest

Dog enjoys riding on his wheelie board

You might say this dog is a wheelie good boy. Read the rest

Best harness for helping my 100+ lb dog post-knee surgery

Nemo underwent a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy. This RuffWear 'Webmaster' harness made a real difference in my dog's recovery.

The Webmaster comes with snap-together closures for easy on and off, however, I've kept the harness on Nemo since his surgery on January 2nd. Once adjusted the harness slips over his head like a collar. Another strap runs across the chest, just behind the front legs. The third strap rides in front of the hind legs. There is a cross piece tying the collar to the chest strap as well.

Titularly, the harness creates a 'web' of support under your dog! Said web allowed me to lift a doped up Great Pyrenees with a sawed-on leg up 3-sets of 27 total stairs without hurting the dog!

Webmaster was the silliest dot-com era job title.

I was able to use the harness to assist Nemo up and down stairs, or any difficult territory, while he healed. I also found it easier to move Nemo around when he didn't want to move. My Great Pyr now has a handle!

It is machine washable, and super durable.

RUFFWEAR - Web Master Secure, Reflective, Multi-Use Harness Dogs via Amazon Read the rest

Cloud floof pupper

So much fluff! Cloud floof puppies. Read the rest

What did we do to deserve dogs?

This is what happiness and best-friends-forever friendship looks like. Read the rest

Rescue pit bull pup performs perfectly for treat

“I swear the secret ingredient is crack!” Read the rest

Akita puppy has serious snow addiction

“Maximus the Akita refusing to come inside yet again,” or COCAINE'S A HELLUVA DRUG, you pick. Read the rest

Floofs pounce on human making snow angels

First: The dog who bounced into the guy's foot is fine! Dog didn't get hurt, nor did human.

“Tried to make snow angels,” says IMGURian Automatvapen. “One of my dogs had a different kind of idea.” Read the rest

When you find out you are a very good egg

A dog-shaped egg, or an egg-shaped dog? Unimportant details. The smile's what matters. Read the rest

"Benji" is one of the greatest movies of all time

It isn't a dog movie! 1974's Benji is still a tear jerker.

The theme song, "I Feel Love" was nominated for an Academy Award.

The whole movie is on YouTube here. Read the rest

Very Good Boy (tap tap tap)

This may be a potty dance, but it's the most adorable potty dance ever. Read the rest

My giant dog and his achy joints love this bed

My Great Pyrenees, Nemo, loves sleeping on this pet bed so much I got him two. Read the rest

Puppy still figuring out her wee little dog barking voice (SOUND ON!)

You will definitely want to unmute this one. And be prepared to freak out your dogs. Read the rest

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