This teething ring is the only thing keeping my new puppy from eating a freshly renovated kitchen

Thank the maker for this Nylabone pacifier and teething ring!

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Watch as the adorable @electra___cute chews. #puppy

A post shared by Jason Weisberger (@jlw) on Jul 3, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT

We have an insanely cute new puppy, her name is Electra. You may follow her on Instagram @Electra___Cute. She is teething and, I understand Golden Retrievers chew a lot anyways. Bitter Apple and an endless supply of chew toys have been employed. The most popular is the Nylabone pacifier.

I have recently renovated a shotgun shack. The puppy is the piece de resistance for my new life. I had forgotten and/or ignored the challenges of new puppy ownership. Electra seems to want to chew the corners of the new cabinets, the edging on the new rugs, and literally anything else she can get into her mouth. My daughter and I take shifts keeping wires, chair legs, and patio umbrellas out of Electra's mouth.

Most toys get picked up and dropped, the endless energy of a young puppy moves on to find something else. While she has occasionally stopped to gnaw on a Kong or pair of sandals, jamming the Nylabone pacifier in her mouth usually gets a few moments of peace. Occasionally she settles down with it and chews until she falls to sleep.

Right now time and this pacifier are the only hope for my furniture.

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We were sleeping in our Volkswagen bus. Apparently, I had missed Nemo ingesting something poisonous on our last walk of the night, last night. Before bed, he threw up and acted less than happy, but then Nemo hopped into our Westy and was not really any more or less comfortable than any other night. He drank a lot of water and went to sleep. When he'd move around I knew because that lower bunk is small. It was a night like any other night.

I woke up a bit surprised, however, that Nemo'd let Pretzel and I sleep in till 7:30 am. I went over the list of stuff I needed to do today for work in my head, and then I looked back and thought "Is Nemo breathing?"

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