Indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter and the 'Bro Caucus'

It would appear that indicted Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)'s party boy lifestyle won he and his pals a cute name on 'the hill,' congressional aides knew them as 'the bro caucus.'

Via Talking Points Memo:

Last week's indictment, detailing extensively the many personal purchases Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and his wife Margaret made with campaign donations, reveals the extent of the congressman's partying that earned him a place in the "bros caucus."

According to a Sunday New York Times report, the Hunters also used the cash for more mundane costs, like trips to Walmart and paying their bills.

But back in Washington, Hunter spent his donors' money on multiple daily trips to his favorite watering holes where he racked up huge tabs, dropping $400 on 30 tequila shots at a bachelor party and swanky dinners. He also reportedly took it upon himself to uphold the musical standards during these escapades, tussling with patrons who dared to request Celine Dion.

Per the New York Times, his behavior was so egregious that then-Republican leader John Boehner had to take Hunter and his pals—known as the "bros caucus" by aides—to task for their partying and drinking.