Guerilla street artist makes her emotionally-expressive warning signs available

Seattle-based guerilla artist April Soetarman writes she was "working through some sad feelings" when she made and hung her first sign, "I anonymously put it up in on a chain link fence in a public park in Seattle, ran away, and didn't think about it."

The signs she installs are fashioned to look like ordinary public signs but express feelings rather than actual warnings.

She furthers, "Turns out people took photos, it ended up taking off online, and all of a sudden I was seeing reblogs and remixes and posts on strangers' social media. Nobody knew it was me saying these things, which was very freeing, and very encouraging."

Two years and many, many signs later, she is making some of her signs, including her most popular one ("ATTENTION: YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND DESERVE EVERY HAPPINESS"), available for purchase through Kickstarter. Prices start at $34.