A Trustmark for IoT: separating the Internet of Shit from the Internet of Things

Peter writes, "ThingsCon, our Berlin-based non-profit for a more responsible IoT, launches a trustmark for IoT – the Trustable Technology Mark. Cory gave some input to it a while back already, and finally it's launch day: We want to highlight the best work in IoT, the best/most respectful of users' rights, privacy and security. It's an entirely non-profit effort to elevate the debate in this odd space that's full of crap; I think you might like it."

How does the trustmark work?

The Trustable Technology Mark evaluates 5 dimensions that are essential to establish the trustworthiness of a connected device. The application consists of a self-assessment questionnaire followed by a review by experts from the ThingsCon network.

Privacy & Data Practices

Is it designed using state of the art data practices, and respectful of user rights?


Is it made clear to users what the device does and how data might be used?


Is it designed and built using state of the art security practices and safeguards?


How robust is the device and how long of a life cycle can a consumer reasonably expect?


How open are both the device and the manufacturer's processes? Is open data used or generated?

Trustable Tech