A tiny word clock

Over at Hackaday, the user sjm4306 has posted some pretty cool projects in the past, including a Nixie-tube clock and a tiny IV-21 VFD clock.

Now he's created something else delightful — a little clock that uses LEDs to spell out the time by backlighting cut-out words. I've seen lots of word clocks but never one with such an elegant little form factor.

He worked neatly with some design constraints too, as Hackaday notes:

One design challenge for the letter matrix was fitting all possible minutes into the array. Rather than making a larger array of letters, [sjm4306] had the clock describe the time down to five-minute intervals then add asterisks for the full time. It's a pretty understandable solution for keeping the design simple, and the letters all fit onto the design so well!

Here's his design video …

… and some more pix of the finished clock:

Photo of a word clock created by sjm4306

Photo of a word clock created by sjm4306