White House cybersecurity adviser Giuliani took his iPhone to the Genius Bar when he forgot his password

In 2017, a month after Trump named Rudy Giuliani to be his cybersecurity officer, Giuliani locked himself out of his iPhone. So he waited in line at a San Francisco Apple store to get the Genius Bar to unlock his phone. Last night when NBC broke the news of this, Giuliani idiotically compared what he did to the FBI asking Apple to unlock the phone of the San Bernardino mass shooter (which they refused to do). Also, given the sensitive information likely on Giuliani's phone, it's rather surprising that he'd hand it over to a random employee at a retail store. Or maybe it isn't surprising at all. Wonder if Giuliani tried "PASSWORD"? From NBC News:

Giuliani's handling of the situation calls into question his understanding of basic security measures and raises the prospect that, as someone in the president's inner circle, his electronic devices are especially vulnerable to hackers, two former FBI cyber experts told NBC News.

"There's no way he should be going to a commercial location to ask for that assistance," said E.J. Hilbert, a former FBI agent for cybercrime and terrorism.

Michael Anaya, a former FBI supervisory special agent who led a cyber squad for four years, reacted with astonishment when told about Giuliani's Apple store visit.

"That's crazy," he said.