How I stopped destroying car and motorcycle batteries

This PulseTech charger, and responsible behavior, has changed my life.

I used to kill the batteries in my cars and motorcycles on an almost annual basis. I would intend to ride the bike more, but it'd be rainy. I would keep telling myself to take the Vanagon out but it was parked behind my daily driver. Sometimes I'd park the daily driver behind the Vanagon and just use it… and suddenly two, three or six months had gone by.

I bought two of these PulseTech chargers and started rotating between three vehicles. Several times I have even resurrected nearly dead batteries and resurrected ones a battery tester showed as 'bad.'

The automatic desulfation feature constantly varies the voltage of the float charge. I believe it works as I am well over 6 years old on both my car batteries and each one still reads 12.8v when I test them. My 44-year-old motorcycle with an 8-year-old battery starts right up on the first press of the button, assuming I remember to turn on the choke.

Desulfation may be snake oil as just keeping the batteries topped up should extend their service life dramatically — but I am bran-loyal to these chargers.

I put those little charging pigtails on each battery and swap two chargers between my current fleet of three vehicles.

XTREME CHARGE XC100-P – Charge 12V Battery Maintenance Charger Desulfator via Amazon