Las Vegas' slogan will no longer be "What happens here, stays here"

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is changing the city's official slogan from "What happens here, stays here." As we all know, nothing that happens actually stays in Vegas anyway because it all ends up on Instagram with that slogan as the caption. In any case, the new slogan, several years in development but not yet officially announced, is: "What happens here, only happens here." From ABC News:

The new tourism slogan is expected to be officially unveiled in a 60-second ad during the broadcast of the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, R&R Partners, the advertising agency behind the slogan told ABC News….

"It's personal to me and the 75 other people at R&R Partners who work on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority account to get it right," Billy Vassiliadis, CEO R&R Partners said in a statement.

"Everything we do is driven by listening to our customers and what they want and need. We are confident this new campaign delivers that, and is the perfect evolution of 'What Happens Here, Stays Here,'" Vassiliadis explained.

image: Bill Debevc (CC BY 2.0)