Screen testing in the 1990s

It's hard to explain this peculiar supercut of actors screen testing a series of lines; a meme from the late 2000s-depths that somehow broke the surface again this weekend. Some appear to be advertising slogans, others are dramatic (lines from plays) or comedic (Simpsons quotes), and some involve as-seen-on-TV-esque physical exaggerations. There's some swearing: very strong Poe's Law energy in this one.

"You Could Stop At Five Or Six Stores" is a scripted line repeatedly uttered by several actors while auditioning for an unknown commercial at the Sarantos Studio of Acting.[6] The quote rose to online notoriety and became a popular subject of parodies after an edited montage reel of the audition, which consists of various actors awkwardly delivering the tagline along with other off-screen commentaries and dramatic poses, was uploaded to YouTube in 2010.

I'm with Ruby Doo, a commenter on YouTube:

Theory: these are all people from Gen Z who learned to time travel.