Microsoft buys, domain that receives constant stream of data sent by mistake

The domain is similar to an internal address used by Windows servers, and as a result whoever controls it gains access to a stream of private and proprietary data constantly fired at it by mistake. Its longtime owner decided to sell the domain, raising fears that nefarious agents might buy it and cause trouble. Microsoft stepped in and paid $1.7m for it.

O'Connor told me he was selling the domain after doing basically nothing with it for 26 years because he was getting on in years and didn't want his kids to inherit this mess. When he put the domain up for sale, I asked if he'd agree to let me know if and when he sold it.

On Monday evening, he wrote to say that Microsoft had agreed to purchase it. O'Connor said he could not discuss the terms of the deal, nor could he offer further comment beyond acknowledging the sale of to Microsoft.

In a written statement, Microsoft said it acquired the domain to protect its customers.