Scam coronavirus testing drive-thru sites reported

This news segment from WSAV-TV in Savannah, Georgia, reports on fraudulent coronavirus tests being hawked at pop-up drive-through sites. Both worried patients and medicaid are being defrauded.

[Taylor Durden WSAV-TV] Broadway Metro Council President David James says it's a scam.

[Tara Bassett, Activist] If they're your insurance was not on the list … they charged them two hundred and forty dollars.

[Durden] There are two companies running these BXK Marketing and Community Outreach Marketing Group. When we called a Florida number supposedly associated with BCK Marketing the woman who answered said she'd never heard of BCK Marketing. We talked to two men from Community Outreach Marketing Group who said they were overseeing this pop-up test site on 17th and Broadway. … When they were confronted, they tore everything down and left.

The venture capitalist Paul Graham recently wrote a blog post marveling at Fox News hosts who had no idea their lies about coronavirus would be exposed.

They didn't realize there was any danger in making false predictions. These people constantly make false predictions, and get away with it, because the things they make predictions about either have mushy enough outcomes that they can bluster their way out of trouble, or happen so far in the future that few remember what they said.

An epidemic is different. It falsifies your predictions rapidly and unequivocally.

There's a moment in this footage when they're interviewing the scammers and you can see something flicker in the interviewee's eyes. A sudden awareness that the consequence of the thing he's doing is about to move from "LLC gets sued" to "beaten to death in the street."

P.S. Can't help but wonder what reporter Taylor Durden's parents' favorite movie is.