Hear Mel Blanc Scream "She's a Food Hoarder!" 2,000 Times

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Greetings, all. To make this more like a proper series, I've expanded these posts into a more traditional radio segment format. You'll find a completely audio version in the playlist.

In 1942, Mel Blanc screamed about food hoarding in a Warner Brothers animated short, "Foney Fables". I was pleased to see the cartoon is in the public domain – Meaning you can do whatever you'd like with much of it.

THIS WEEK: Episode 6, "Food Hoarding with Mel Blanc"

I'll post the download links for the "Food Hoarder" sample in the comments.

Back next week. Have a happy hoarding, Ethan (Bandcamp/Soundcloud)