A comic book artist illustrates the visual differences between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne

On the surface, the civilian identities of Bruce "Batman" Wayne and Clark "Superman" Kent both look pretty similar. They're both generically handsome white dudes with dark hair and chiseled jaws. At times, they've even imitated each other, in order to help the other maintain plausible deniability around their respective secret identities.

Comic artist Greg Capullo, who's done some critically acclaimed work on books like Batman, Spawn, and X-Force, as well as numerous hard rock and metal album covers, recently shared his personal approach to differentiating between the two characters in their civilian identities:

Superman, he notes, has deeper set eyes, with a straight nose and thin lips as well as a cleft chin. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, has more noticeable eyelids, along with a scooped nose, fuller lips, and a longer chin.

These are subtle distinctions, of course, but with enough artistic consistency, can really help to make a difference and bring these characters to life.