Doom running in task manager with each CPU core as a pixel, supposedly

In this footage, a supercomputer's CPU cores — nearly 900 of them — are neatly lined up in the Task Manager. The Doom logo appears, generated by code that targets each core. Then Doom itself plays, each "pixel" generated by thrashing a core with just the right amount of busy work.

Max Holt:

Finally got it working and looking decent! But can it run Crysis?… Done by taking the original pixels, then parsing to black and white and scaling down to 56×32 pixels. I spent quite a lot of time finding a good function to scale the brightness to try to make the contrast good.

An amazing illustration of how much power modern computers have.

UPDATE: A redditeur makes a convincing claim this and other videos like it are fake:

Task manager cannot show this many cores at once. It shows a scroll bar instead.
It says "Base Speed" while the real Task Manager has "Base speed". He has now fixed this in his latest video.
There should be a blue border around the whole core display.
You can see problems on the left edge part: a space missing before Kbps, a highlight missing behind the CPU tab, etc.
The CPU usage text for each core is way too small.
The resolution is too high compared to real Task Manager.
The font isn't the usual Windows UI font.
Font colors are also wrong in places.
His first video had some weird spacing issues with the first few columns