A fascinating interview with an artist who designs conspiracy graphics for QAnon and the Deep State Mapping Project

Dylan Louis Monroe is a former fashion designer whose career spans from Marc Jacobs to, uhh, the Deep State Mapping Project, which is a sort of graphic hub for those who are concerned that QAnon is right about 5G causing COVID-19. Here's his official artist bio:

Dylan Louis Monroe is an American artist currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he later collaborated with several fashion houses  including Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Derek Lam, and Coach.  Since 2014, Dylan has been focused on fine art and its application to his own vision of fashion.  

In 2017, Dylan began the "Deep State Mapping Project" in response to the changing political climate in America.  His "Q-Web" diagram spread virally across the dark web in 2018, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.  It was published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the exhibit "Everything is Connected" in September 2018.

​Dylan is currently the administrator of www.deepstatemappingproject.com, and the Instagram account @dsmp.official.  Lately he has been touring through truth & metaphysical related conventions, speaking and exhibiting the Deep State Mapping Project.

Sam Jaffe Goldstein of the End of the World Review newsletter recently spoke with Monroe about conspiracies and graphic design, and their conversation is genuinely fascinating. Goldstein is careful to note at the top of the interview that he, "disavows all the opinions expressed here; I view this conversation as a fascinating document of our time." And I agree — it's absolutely worth reading, just for the opportunity to take Monroe at his word and try to wrap your head around his perspective. Goldstein asks some probing questions, sure, but he doesn't necessarily try to argue or disprove Monroe's point of view; he just hears it out. While I, too, disavow everything that happens in this conversation, it is undoubtedly an eye-opening look into another human mind.

Q has been around for a few years now; what are the next steps for the movement?

I'd say eighty percent of the information that Q has been talking about has been regarding the change in the political structure that will happen when the Russiagate investigation is turned on the people who instigated it. That means Obamagate, Hillary answering for the crimes she committed in office with her emails; but it's also the whole satanic Luciferian ritual abuse thing. The whole thing with Q is that there are sealed indictments for all these high level Illuminati players that have been known to be committing human trafficking crimes, and other crimes for decades. Eventually we are going to have to see if Q is just bullshitting us, if these crimes are really going to come to light.

A lot of people already think that some of these perpetrators have already answered for their crimes in secret military tribunals. I think we need public trials and not just military tribunals. If we do justice in secret then there is no evidence justice actually happened. Even if there are body-doubles or clones replacing them in public life, the public needs to know that these people were criminals. I'm not sure we won't see this until after the election, but if we get a year past the election and don't something very significant happen. Then people are going to start thinking that Q was just bullshitting. It is going to be interesting to see!

Here's the full interview, or you can check out some more of Monroe's graphic design work below.