Could we actually build a space elevator?

Real Engineering takes a look at the feasibility of space elevators, and the short answer is, yes it is possible. It is primarily a materials challenge; namely, a tensile strength challenge for the cable that engineers would need to solve.

Any space elevator would have to be situated on the equator, and we would first need to build a structure in geosynchronous orbit at the equator at 42,168 km directly above the earth tether site.

Then comes the tough part. Steel won't cut it for the cable. Kevlar and carbon nanotubes are better. Maybe biomimicked spider web?

If that can get solved, a space elevator will be a critical step in sustainable space travel that would make rocket travel look as barbaric and irresponsible as cargo ships with smokestacks belching filth into the sky.

Another big question is: what music would play in it during the ride?

Image: YouTube / Real Engineering