These Monster Cookies require a pound of butter. And yes, it's worth it.

Don't tell your cardiologist, but the first ingredient of the chocolate chunk Monster Cookie recipe created by Tavel Bristol-Joseph (one of Food and Wine Best New Chefs of 2020) is an entire pound of butter.

Join the much-lauded Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi (the genius behind Milk Bar's infamous Crack Pie, which was respectfully re-named "Milk Bar Pie" last year after complaints; America's off-the-hook drug epidemic has made crack less funny evidently), as she joins Bristol-Joseph in her weekly Bake Club broadcast, as they make what could become your new favorite Covid-era indulgence.

Tosi's weekly Bake Club comes by way of her newsletter, which also includes inspired tips like her Lego Soap Dish. If you sign up, you'll even get a membership card hand made by Tosi herself!