Hear: "Quantum Ocean", a Russian meditation device that turns your mind into a transmitting/receiving antenna

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Greetings, all. Welcome back to the show. This week, the discussion is on meditation and making our body into a conductive circuit. A meditation device called the SOMA Quantum Ocean arrived from Russia last month. It's an experimental device from Moscow that has four coin-shaped sensor pads.

The device arrives with a book (also downloadable here as the "QO Book") of exercises to perform while you are meditating. This list of exercises suggest thinking different things or focusing on different goals when in session with the device, and seeing if the sounds change. They might!

This episode of SWWE includes a demo of twenty minutes of Quantum Ocean sound, along with instructions from the first session, which asks you to identify one path of noise in the chaos of the audio and follow it as it moves within the sea of other noises.

Two of the pads send a small amount of voltage through your body, and two of the pads are radio receivers. Essentially this is similar to a feedback loop, using your body to complete a signal path. This is a barely detectable amount of voltage but it's enough to be perceived. To test this, another SOMA device, the ETHER, is used in the demo. At about 9:00 of the demo track, you'll hear the Ether interpret the Ocean.

Chaos Theory, Experimental Circuit Electricity, Shamanistic Psychology, and Russian Mind Research aside, the Quantum Ocean plays a saturating and pleasing stereo noise field of noise. The QO receivers interpret all sorts of interference, including whatever transmission your body's electrical pulse produces through this contacts, and it blends into the audio you hear in the headphones. There are few products that think about thought or noise in this way. It's a fascinating, mentally liberating, and optimistic device.

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #22: A Review of the SOMA Quantum Ocean (And "Charlie Pickle" Part 2)

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Thanks and have a good week, Ethan