Watch the "In & Of Itself" movie – created by Derek DelGaudio, directed by Frank Oz

Here is a thing of beauty: the highly praised theatrical show "In & Of Itself" has been made into a film. Performed and created by Derek DelGaudio, directed by Frank Oz, this is something truly magnificent.

Derek DelGaudio is a world-renowned magician and sleight-of-hand artist, but this show is no typical magic show. Living up to its hype, this is pretty much something in and of itself—a unique brew of magical performance, storytelling, and other difficult to describe "things." With mastery and presence, DelGaudio invites the participants to explore the illusory and elusive notion of identity. The result is an intense, emotionally charged, and philosophically challenging piece of performance art.

Making a movie out of a live event can be like catching lightning in a bottle. Having seen the live show twice, both in Los Angeles and New York, I can fairly say that the operation is a total success: the force is strong with this film!

Now that it's been captured on video, "In And Of Itself" is a joy forever, but available for streaming until November 19th.