The average rent in San Francisco dropped $1,000 since the beginning of the year

San Francisco apartments are, on average, $1,000 a month cheaper this year than they were in January, according to SocketSite.

With the average asking rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco having dropped 23 percent over the past year to under $2,700 a month and the average asking rent for a studio having dropped even more, the weighted average asking rent for an apartment in the city, which currently measures around 2.3 bedrooms when counting a studio as having one, has dropped to $3,100 a month.

While $3,100 a month in rent certainly isn't "cheap," it's now $1,000 a month or 24 percent cheaper than in January of this year and nearly 31 percent below a 2015-era peak of closer to $4,500 a month.