Cops warn Rock not to rock

At 1:30am on Saturday, Erie County, Ohio police officers responded to a citizen's complaint that their neighbor was blasting Led Zeppelin. When police arrived, they told Nathan Rock, 40, to turn down his music. Rock simply explained that he can't rock at low volume.

"You can't play Led Zeppelin quietly," Rock said.

From the Smoking Gun:

Rock's 60-year-old neighbor told the Erie County Sheriff's Office that he "began to play music loudly and was singing," which prompted her to text him with a demand that the music be turned down.

Rock, who works at a Wendy's near his apartment in Huron, a city 55 miles west of Cleveland, apologized, explaining that he was "trying to practice singing as he intended on booking studio time in the near future to record an album."

Talk about nominative determinism!