High school moved into empty Macy's department store

High school students in Burlington, Vermont are now going to class in a deserted former Macy's department store. The school's prior campus was closed after the discovery of cancer-causing PCBs in the building and surrounding grounds. Lunch is apparently now served in the Michael Kors Cafeteria. From Local21News:

"It's weird but cool at the same time," said freshman Moses Doe, 15, who said he and his family shopped plenty at Macy's before it became his school. He's getting used to the new space every day, he said, and the escalators and elevators are nice features.

The building underwent a $3.5 million retrofit supported by the state that added partial walls for classrooms while keeping some Macy's remnants, like the sparkly white tile floors, bright red carpeting, and Calvin Klein and Michael Kors signs and a large-scale Levi's jeans photo on a classroom wall. The library is housed in the former Macy's china department, with books displayed on under-lit shelves, while the gym is in a former store's warehouse and is still unfinished.

screengrab from SevenDaysVT video