Learn total self defense with John McSweeney

Today in Poe's Law comes this cusp-of-the-90s video touting a "combat karate" course offered by John McSweeney. It appears to be the ultimate "grandpa slaps others and himself" self-defense video.

Here are his "Tiger Moves", as discovered and publicized by Found Footage Fest.

A DVD is available [Amazon]. Again, Poe's Law has illimitable dominion over all.

1991 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year, the late, John McSweeney, an internationally-renowned martial-arts and weapons expert and member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, takes you through the definitive home self-defense course in this easy-to-follow video, emphasizing practical defense techniques that any man or woman–young or old–can use in real emergencies. Start with combat karate as you learn to deliver spontaneous, lightning-fast power strikes to vital targets with your elbows, hands, and knees. Learn to master the hand-gun–from stripping and cleaning to the subtle nuances of point shooting –and how to defend yourself with a knife when every second counts. And become privy to the ancient secrets of the kung-fu masters as you feel the strengthening benefits of McSweeney's tiger moves, based on time-honored kung-fu tension exercises.

"Thank you very much, Paul."