Huge Pac-Man crop circle was guerrilla art protest against Czech prime minister

Guerilla art group Ztohoven took credit for this massive Pac-Man crop circle near the town of Roudnice nad Labe, the Czech Republic. The rapeseed field belongs to the Agrofert Group, a corporation associated with Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš. According to Ztohoven, both are quite worthy of protest. According to a report in, the damage to the field adds up to more than $16,000. The crop circle Pac-Man appeared on May 22, the 41st anniversary of the videogame's release that also happens to be International Biodiversity Day. From Ztohoven's statement:

Pac-Man devours anything including the European Agriculture Subsidies. The character even consumes the set in stone political, social and economic philosophy as well Capitalism and Socialism that merged into the populist political movement nowadays.

Our society is lobotomised! Both, the left and the right hemispheres of our brain fight ruthlessly for their cause without making even a small effort to achieve a compromise beyond or between the left and right.
Pac-Man (the prime minister) polarised our society with a clean-cut and we failed to establish a functional mechanism to protect our society from within. The 'Four Ghosts' that haunt Pac-Man failed miserably too. Our Pac-Man introduced a strategy that is hard to stop and is progressing to the next levels against all odds. He just can't get enough

Pac-Man destroys our natural ecosystem and leaves monocultural toxic waste behind.

Pac-Man ruins culture, individual freedoms and entrepreneurial diversity

Pac-Man hacks democracy and keeps abusing it.
Pac-Man destroys competition by unfair taxation.
Pac-Man reintroduces and fuels corruption.
Pac-Man denies critical thinking and science.
Pac-Man cannot control individuals who refuse to enter the enclosed game field.

The statement ends with the phrase "Exit the game" that links here. Enjoy!