Checkboxland: render everything as HTML checkboxes

At Brian Braun's Checkboxland, everything is made of HTML checkbox elements. You can make your own images and animations out of checkboxes! There's even an API.

Checkboxland is a JavaScript library for rendering anything as HTML checkboxes.

You can use it to display animations, text, and arbitrary data. It also supports plugins, so you can build more powerful APIs on top of it.

Checkboxland is dependency-free, framework-agnostic, and fun!

Checkbox animations can get hairy, he warns, even on powerful computers. It strikes me as interesting that rending lots of HTML checkboxes is a performance issue. If I replicated the appearance and functionality of checkboxes with plain images and javascript (onclick or listeners or whatever), would drawing and updating those be faster than native HTML checkboxes? Assuming I don't cheat, I have to give every cell all the rigging it would need to function as a checkbox.