This charming 101-year-old lobsterwoman has no plans to stop

101-year-old Virginia Oliver has faithfully trapped lobsters since the Great Depression. She still maintains her traps off the coast of Maine on a boat called the "Virginia", now working with her 78-year-old son Max. In a sweet interview with the Associated Press, she shares stories from her nine decades of lobstering. Though she reckons she's probably "have a clean house" if she quit, she has no plans to stop lobstering any time soon.

"I've done it all my life, so I might as well keep doing it," Oliver said.

Wayne Gray, a family friend who lives nearby, said Oliver had a brief scare a couple of years ago when a crab snipped her finger and she had to get seven stitches. She never even considered hanging up her lobster traps, though.

"The doctor admonished her, said 'Why are you out there lobstering?'" Gray said. "She said, 'Because I want to'."

After all these years, Oliver still gets excited about a lobster dinner of her own and typically fixes one for herself about once a week. And she has no plans to quit lobstering any time soon.

"I like doing it, I like being along the water," she said. "And so I'm going to keep on doing it just as long as I can. "

Associated Press