Playing DOOM via Twitter

tweet2Doom is a bot, created by Georgi Gerganov, that lets you play DOOM by @replying commands to the account.

You can chain together a bunch of commands, and the bot will execute them and reply with a little clip from the game showing what you did and what happened inside the game. To keep playing, you continue replying to the reply you just got.

If I'm understanding the gameplay correctly (I might not be), multiple people can reply to any mid-game tweet, and it'll branch off a new state of that game, multiverse style.

It's a fascinating technical achievement by Gerganov, and it's wild to look through the chained @replies as people play games, though following them slightly breaks my tiny mind. Here's one that I followed just now — start at this tweet and scroll up to the top to see how it began.

Gerganov's github repo for the game is here, along with some technical descriptions of how the backend works, and visualizations of the state-management; he set up a site here that shows, live, the state tree of the game.

This is more proof that DOOM has become like some weird test of Turing-completeness, or a benchmark for the computerness of any given system. If it can run DOOM, it's … computational.

Instructions on how to play are in this tweet here, in several screenshots — here's on that shows examples of how to chain several commands together …