Make your own bizarre emoji combinations

Mashing up emojis probably isn't high humor nor high art, but it might make you chuckle. A site called emojimix allows you to make unlikely combinations like coffee plus octopus, bread plus the devil, sneezing poop, and so many more. The attention to detail is pretty impressive— for example. the clown emoji and the tuna fish emoji combine to make a clownfish. The emojis seem to have been handmade for Google (not just the product of an algorithm).

In the book "Because, Internet," Gretchen McCulloch explains that emojis are sort of like gestures in the sense that they unlock "body language" for informal digital communication. I wonder what the scorpion cupcake emoji might convey.

There are 14,838 stickers and you can vote for the best one at this site.

Relevant xkcd: