Stats show Linux now a "viable" game platform

Driven by refinements in compatibility frameworks and heavy promotion by Steam as a hedge against Microsoft's increasing control of the Windows marketplace, Linux is becoming the OS of choice for more players.

…a surprising 74 of the top 100 most-played games on Steam are in "Gold" or "Platinum" status. The former indicates that the game works flawlessly [on Linux] with minor tweaks, and the latter means the game should work "out of the box" with no modifications. A further 10 games are in "Silver" status, which implies that the game is playable with minor issues. Just four games are in "Bronze" status indicating more major issues, while twelve of the top 100 games are in "Borked" status, meaning they don't work at all. That sounds pretty good, although it's worth noting that of the twelve "Borked" games, six of them are in the top ten most-played Windows games.

Who knows? Maybe Linux will even one day be a viable desktop platform, too!