Why are chimps so ripped?

Watching nature documentaries is enough to give you body dysmorphia. It's impossible to ignore how remarkably jacked the average chimp is in comparison to Joe six-pack—even if Joe has an actual six-pack. One could chalk up the differences in physique to the rigorous demands that apes have to endure in the wild, but even apes with slothful lifestyles look like Greek statues. There definitely has to be some explanation that doesn't require me to put more hours into the gym.

The YouTube channel Scishow breaks down why humans store more fat than chimps and other apes in the video linked above. I found this video intriguing because I attributed human's heightened ability to store fat as solely an evolutionary trick to survive the winter. In the video, Scishow shatters the misconception and explains precisely which aspect of human evolution that our ability to store fat actually helped and why it keeps our species so incredibly dominant.