LA's Bunny Museum will redline your rabbit-o-meter

Inside a mid-century house in Pasadena, Los Angeles, lies the Bunny Museum, where you'll find over 35,000 bunny-related items including live rabbits that hop around the rooms. I got the chance to visit the Bunny Museum a few years ago, and to date it ranks among my most memorable rabbit-themed experiences.

The Bunny Museums holds the world record for "owning the most bunny items in the world." Being surrounded by so many rabbit dolls, toys, art, and ephemera is like taking an DMT analog designed to summon rabbits rather than machine elves.

Fun fact: baby rabbits are called "kittens!"

If you're in LA, be sure to stop by and bring your grandparents. You won't ever forget the experience. You can check out the Bunny Museum's website here.

Just thinking about the Bunny Museum has me wanting to watch Night of the Lepus again!