People getting ear lobe filler to have "lucky" Buddha ears

Some people in Vietnam are reportedly paying to have their ears plumped up with chemical fillers to achieve "lucky" Buddha ears. Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in the US and elsewhere have been offering ear lobe filler procedures for some time but the exaggerated lobes as a good luck charm is apparently trending in some circles in Vietnam. From Oddity Central:

One beauty salon owner referred to only as Mr.T told Vietnamese journalists that the majority of his customers for this unusual procedure are men over the age of 30 who believe that religion plays a big role in their business success. However, women have begun asking for it as well.

Ear filler procedures reportedly take between 15 and 20 minutes, and are advertised as generally safe, with no long-lasting side-effects. And some even promise to adjust the shape and size of the ear lobe, if the client isn't satisfied.

Hyaluronic acid is the most used filler for ear lobe enlargement, with the South Korean-sourced acid being the most popular on the market. Although considered generally safe when injected by professionals, amateur procedures and dubious quality fillers can lead to disastrous results.