Here's a weird 1970s animation that bashes cable TV

Streaming services run just about everything nowadays. The number of services that I pay for in hopes of keeping up with the conversations at the water cooler is crazy. Despite how costly all of the combined streaming services are, they're still a substantially better deal than the one cable provided back in the day.

In truth, I could really survive with just Netflix at $20 a pop, but I choose to lump on other services because – well, WWE isn't going to watch itself. In any event, cable packages were exorbitantly priced and still are. I know I'm still making out like a legal bandit, no matter how much I complain.

In the video above you can watch a PSA that tried to rally consumers to resist the pull of cable television during its infancy. The video is a classic piece of "wrong side of history" media that I have a strange obsession with watching.