What even is Hyperpop?

Every once in a while, I like to pop in and see what the youngins are up to. It's easy to become insulated from youth culture and consequently isolated from the tide of the zeitgeist if you only visit art and entertainment from your era. As I face the prospect of Gen z labeling Eminem as retro music, I find it imperative that I see what kids are on about these days, lest I become incapable of truly seeing their perspective. I'm not saying that I need to become a member of the BTS Army or anything, but I do need to at least understand their appeal.

In that regard, Hyperpop kind of throws me for a loop. I understand it theoretically, but I can't fully wrap my head around the emerging genre to see what makes it dissimilar to standard pop. Thankfully, PBS, the bastion of educational television, created the video linked above to help me unravel the concept.