Kari Lake should change her name to Kari Puddles, says drag queen's lawyer in response to cease and desist

Famous Phoenix, Arizona drag queen Barbra Seville recently shared publicly—in response to Kari Lake's attack on drag queens and drag shows—that she used to be friends with drag-queen-lover-turned-drag-queen-hater Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, and used to perform at house parties Lake attended and/or hosted. That made Kari Lake mad — on CNN, Lake called Seville's claims "defamatory" and stated that she is pursing legal action against Seville. Indeed, Seville has been served a 'cease and desist' letter from the Lake camp. Yesterday, Lake received a response so full of shade, it could only have been written by a famous drag queen's lawyer. Seville posted the letter on her public Facebook so we can all join in on the fun. Here's my favorite part: 

Ms. Lake was once a respected news anchor for a major TV station. Many Arizonans invited Ms. Lake into their homes each evening to hear her deliver the news. Something happened to her – to make her mean, angry, and sullen. Now Kari is a bully, and the reservoir of good will she had built up over the years as a cherished news anchor – well, that's been drained to the point where we might as well just refer to her now as Kari Puddles.

When posting the letter on her Facebook page, Seville simply stated, "I won't cease or desist."